Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition: Here's Why You Should Get It (

It was inevitable -- the ultimate cowboy game is getting a Game of the Year Edition. But explains why you absolutely must have it...if you don't already.

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OllieBoy2714d ago

For $50, no thanks. The game is more than a year old now and should be cheaper.

kramun2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

This is for people who haven't got it yet obviously. If they buy this, then they don't have to pay out for anything else. It's the last flip of the coin for the game for Rockstar, and I don't begrudge them selling it like this, they are running a business after all.

It's a great game, well worth the money for what you get with this release, and if anyone hasn't got it by now then this is your chance.


Well that was a great deal. Can you get them for that price now?

Fil1012714d ago

i payed full price on release for just the standard game and will happily go out and buy the goty edition for full price, this game was btr than gta4 by a mile. well worth a secound purchase

Blaine2714d ago

I looked at bestbuy just now and it's back to 40$. And the DLC bundle was also 50% off I think. You're looking at 60$ for the package now, so I guess the GOTY is a good deal if you missed out on the perfect timing of sales I took advantage of!

Blaine2714d ago

I got it a few weeks ago. The game was 20$, and all the DLCs bundled were on sale 10$. So I got it all for 30$.

Raf1k12714d ago

Would have loved to get this on PC. I've been planning on getting this one so I can replay the game and also play Undead Nightmare.

limewax2714d ago

I actually tried replaying it a few weeks back, just couldn't do it. Unfortunately it felt a bit like a one time only game to me, kind of annoying since it was so much fun the first time, but the second time I really started to feel the repetition of the missions sink in

Raf1k12714d ago

I know exactly what you mean. There are very few games that I've played repeatedly which is why after having completed RDR I sold it and decided to wait for the GOTY or possibly PC version before playing it again.

KillerPwned2714d ago

Their is no reason but to just buy this damn game. Its one of the best games i swear to grace us in the gaming industry.

UltimateIdiot9112714d ago

I aim to get this GOTY. My friend and I skipped out on the release because both of us knew they were going to release a GOTY edition eventually just like GTA4.

But with so many great releases during this holiday and the game at $50, I think I can wait a bit longer.

Knushwood Butt2714d ago

I've been waiting for the GotY edition, but in all honesty I don't know if I'll ever have time to play it.

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