Dead Island PS3 Patch Notes Detailed

Dead Island has been riddled with bugs since it released. Techland released a patch for the game to fix many of the issues but all it did was make the game much worse and is said to of wrecked some peoples games. The official Dead Island Twitter has just posted with some great news though for PS3 fans.

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JoGam2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I might stop buying games day one. Just tired of getting broken games at release. I didn't get Dead Island but I did get another recent game which I rather not say because of the stealth fanboys may try to take my last bubble...LOL, but it too needs a patch. Can't play multiplayer. Besides its not the first time this happened to me but it may be the last. I just hate paying full price day one but get a unfinished game. I feel like developers are laughing in the background.

Rob9462714d ago

I bought Dead Island day one and I have only been able to connect to one group of people since. it's really annoying as the games so much more fun in co-op.

limewax2713d ago

It's almost unplayable solo, the mobs are designed for co-op. But honestly, I just wish they could find a way to patch in V-sync. The screen tear is really ruining it for me.

I may just be picky but screen tear is one thing I can't stand, it killed Dead Rising 2 for me as well.....Come to think of it could I maybe get open world melee based zombie game with V-sync one day please?

HeavenlySnipes2713d ago

you'll still have to get the patch anyway. Are you talking about R3? Yea, they patched in changes in the MP from the beta (which is far after the dev cycle, they can't just recall all the discs that already started printing to insert the stuff in the patch) and some campaign glitches which were found afterthe game went gold.

BattleTorn2713d ago

trust me the developers are not laughing.

Do you think they like people, like you, turning their back on a otherwise amazing title...

due to technical issues.

they don't

harv0522713d ago

Does anybody else notice that the grammar on that site is totally off??

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Bodster2713d ago

Really happy that they mentioned autosave, lost a lot of progress because it didnt work right...

ShadyDevil2713d ago

I am pretty sure a majority of people are in that boat Bod.

Bodster2713d ago

Yeh after searching about online seems tons of people have been having the same problems. I didn't realise how many the auto save bug had affected. It's quite frustrated as its putting me off the game, having to do the same quest more than 4 times...

Bolts2713d ago

This game is pretty smooth and bug free now on the PC. I thought they rolled out the patch on all platforms?

Rob9462713d ago

They patched it but this is a second patch as the first didn't fix much.

DarkTower8052713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I bought the game last Friday and downloaded the patch on ps3. Its been smooth sailing for me. I hope this new patch doesn't mess that up.

Series_IIa2713d ago

So many devs make the mistake of rushing a quick fix patch and just end up messing more things up, I'd rather wait an extra day or 2 and let it get at least some quality control assessment.

But the simple thing to do is just to make sure the game works before release.

Protag222713d ago

Not that simple. Developers have deadlines (so to speak), so they have to prioritise their assignments.

Especially a small dev like Techland, who probably couldnt afford to hire a whole bunch of testers out of the budget. Don't forget that Dead Island isn't a AAA title with a Battlefield sized budget, it was very much the underdog.

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