Nintendo should've supported smartphones says analyst

Nintendo should've supported the smartphone market according to an analyst who is pessimistic on its stock. The analyst believes that Nintendo would be in a better position if it didn't just stick to own platforms and software. So is Nintendo really facing the end of an area?

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FredEffinChopin2715d ago

Yes, and the Atari Jaguar indicated that home consoles were on their deathbeds.

One instance does not equal a trend. Mobile phones certainly have their place in gaming, but the "era" of portable consoles still has legs, and will for some years.

Let's see Reuters' opinion once Vita drops.

Hisiru2715d ago

How can they support smartphones and lose their most powerfull weapon (first party exclusive)? Analysts are stupid nowadays...

NathanDrake992715d ago

It's not their opinion, its the market's and analysts.

iamnsuperman2715d ago

To be honest I am shock Nintendo and Sony haven't. They both have got gaming down which is fine but everything now a days is about doing a lot more. Its not enough to just have a phone, its not enough to just have an MP3 player.

zeal0us2715d ago

Sony do support smartphones last time I check, Xperia play and not to mention 2 new android tablet thats PlayStation-certified.

Sure they don't got a phone OS that support PSN but they do support smartphones more than Nintendo the last time I check.

egidem2715d ago

They have been for quite some time - with their Sony Ericsson cellphone division.

ChickeyCantor2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

"Its not enough to just have a phone, its not enough to just have an MP3 player."

No it would be enough to have a sophisticated gaming device which will be getting games with higher budgets.

2715d ago
user8586212715d ago

lol no thanks, this is why they are analyst and thankfully don't run nintendo

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