The Ultimate Final Fantasy VII Movie Cast "A movie adaptation of a video game may sound good on paper, but in practice, they're far from entertaining. For the average movie goer, these films are just your regular bad movie, but for video game fans, these movies are making a mockery out of the games industry. One of the many mistakes filmmakers make when producing these films resides simply in the actors they choose. Whether they choose them for their looks or for their star power, it's become a downright nightmare for those of us watching the cast lists go up on IMDB. Alas, there are still a proud few who, regardless of how many times they've been crushed, still wish to see what would happen say a certain title were made into a movie.

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ShawnCollier2715d ago

Pretty good list. Would be interesting to see SE do a live-action movie, I'd have to say.

Would need a helluva lot of fat-cutting to the story to get it to a respectable showing time, though.

Hardedge2715d ago

Jeremy Irons as Red XIII eh? That would be pretty epic.

mephman2715d ago

I thought Billy Boyd as Cait Sith was spot on!

Godmars2902715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

You'd have to make it a trilogy just to justify the cast. Give each of them proper screen time.

Son_Lee2715d ago

LOVE Emmy Rossum, she would make a good Aerith. Alexander Skarsgard as Rufus is pretty brilliant.

Chocoboh2715d ago

Screw FF7 movie I want a FF8 or FF6 movie

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