Saints Row: The Third - Deckers Die Walkthrough

GameRanx: Saints Row: The Third offers more than just street combat with its new Deckers missions, which take place entirely in cyberspace. The Deckers, who are elite cybercriminals and hackers have set their sights on the Third Street Saints. Naturally, the player has to hit back at them before things get any worse. A new video released by THQ shows off one of the game's cyberspace missions.

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shadowwizard2711d ago

I lol'd so hard! This game will be so much fun... Shame it wans't released in summer, November will be crazy...


Saints row a la Tron,

But I did LOL at the bit "here I am god" "yeah in real life your just a bitch with a keyboard"

chickens2711d ago

lol yeah i thought "am i watching a tron gameplay" for a second -.- .

never expected anything like this from sr3, but it is sr3! looking forward to playing this XD

KozmoOchez2711d ago

I loved that I showed this to my friends and they thought they were watching two different games being played