DICE: Battlefield is unaffected by piracy

Developer DICE reveals that while piracy is a problem in general, the Battlefield series is unaffected by it.

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fatalred alarm2715d ago

Not much of an surprise, they'll make plenty of money even with any piracy. Great games do that.

On a side note: Third time that they delayed the release of red orchestra 2:heroes of Stalingrad! I'm soooo eager to play it!

kramun2715d ago

True, Crysis sold over 3 million copies even though it was one of the most pirated games.

chaos-lockheart2715d ago

but inst pirated games cant go online

evrfighter2715d ago

Yup battlefield never had a singleplayer campaign so pirating a bf title was as useless as pirating cs.

Darkfocus2715d ago

FYI any game can be pirated multi or single player...the problem is that because pirates are generally(OK pretty much all the time)unethical people the multiplayer is full of cheaters....

NatureOfLogic2715d ago

You two greatly underestimate PC pirating.

awi59512715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Yes they can go online people crack these games all the time. A friend of mine has alot of cracked online games and he never gets kicked when he goes online. And the crysis 2 beta there was cracked copies in the server as well. And people are using the leaked crysis 2 copy online as well. Because it seems crytek doesnt care about the crazy amount of cheating thats going on. Also in bad company 2 there are alot of hackers if they cant stop hacks they cant stop the pirates from playing online. There are countless sites that show you how to crack the game and cd-key so you can play online.

Corax2715d ago

I wouldn't pirate this game even if I could.

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Solid_Snake-2715d ago

only by a couple of hours this time. i came on to play it and found out they have pushed it back till midnight GMT

Areeb112715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

i'm not gonna lie, even though i do download pirated PC games, I would never pirate this game, just too much effort and dedication has gone into it for me to even consider pirating it. :)

ATi_Elite2715d ago

I've been playing Red Orchestra 2 all day long!

It is not delayed!!!

it unlocked a little after midnight and i have been killen Russians ever since!

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Farsendor12715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

people who pirate are just low lifes if you can't afford the game wait until a price drop no need to freaking pirate the game. if you think the game sux just rent the dang game. renting does not help the game industry but in ways its better than pirating.

know there is no renting on pc at least try to play the beta before you pirate the game.

RedDead2715d ago

Renting is not better than Pirating Imo. Ethically yes, but if you want to help the games industry then it makes no difference

PhantomT14122715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

You mean "legally better" but not "ethically".

UltimateIdiot9112715d ago

While most pirates will never end up buying the game but that doesn't mean all pirates are low lifes. Some eventually will buy legit and some want to test it out.

There is no beta for many games and even if there is, not everyone gets into the beta.

The industry needs to accept that there will always be pirating and instead of fighting those who pirates, developers and publishers need to find better ways to turn a pirate into someone who will purchase their game rather than do the opposite, treat every customer like a pirate.

Hufandpuf2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I agree, the only games I pirate are games I know I'm not going to spend a lot of time on, (they're usually old games). And my pirated PC games end up being deleted anyway.

DragonKnight2715d ago

What about pirating games you never got a chance to play and can't buy anymore without scouring Flea Markets and specialty stores that charge you $120 for a game? Are they evil too?


if a game doesnt release a demo il pirate it to see what its like and see if it is worth it, il delete the pirate version and go out and pick it up, if its shit il just delete the pirate version off and not bother picking it up.

Sorry but I dont spend money on crud games that try to hide the fact they are crud by not releasing a demo.

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jriquelme_paraguay2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

i have a bad felling...
but, DICE say "game is unfinished"...
and is middle Sep, where is the Beta?

I hope:
-No release a broken and rushed game
-No Delay

(frogive my english)

snaileri2715d ago

The fact that they don't want to release Public Server Files is a clear evidence that they are scared of piracy on PC.

HenryFord2715d ago

I have to disagree - it is "just" a way to push the money-income. Not releasing the server-files and only working with selected hosters is a way to dictate the prices. They might say something in the lines of "securing quality", but that is bullcrap. It is all about the money in this case. BFBC2's server-files are leaked a long time now, there is still no "crack" for them. I am willing to believe that DICE only has good intentions and EA pushed them to this move, but nevertheless I don't believe that piracy is the issue here.

PotatoClock2714d ago

Read the article before giving your "clear evidence".

They already said that piracy is not a concern because of the login system.

HenryFord has the right idea. Its all about the $$$

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