Top 10 Memorable Diseases In Video Games

"Whilst war is a type of conflict regularly touched on in games, disease and illness is another form of adversity and struggle that many games hinge upon to a lesser degree. Whether it pissed us off, tugged at our heart strings or outright confused and baffled us, here are the ten diseases in gaming which, for one reason or another, have stuck in our minds."

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UNCyrus2716d ago

Another GamingBolt article... another top 10 list that takes 3 pages to view.

J86blum2716d ago

Least the T-Virus was number one, so thats a plus.

zerocrossing2716d ago

Syphon filter was a disease, if I remember right.

Id throw fanboy in the top 10, carpel tunnel got a spot so its only fair.