Dead Island and The Game We All Wanted To Play That Never Existed

GameFront: I know, I know. That damned Dead Island trailer, man. It’s the thing that started it all. It’s the thing we can’t stop talking about. Allow me to beat this undead horse a little more, and maybe attempt to destroy the brain once and for all.

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jriquelme_paraguay2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

i love it
my best buy this year

EDIT: i read it wrong...
I dont f*kng care that trialer... im enjoying this game RIGHT Now.

I already take care of my child in Dead Rising 2, i have Platinumn un DR2

BlmThug2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Theres a thing called spell check. Use it

jriquelme_paraguay2713d ago

eeehmmm.. i am from Paraguay.
I try to speak english... know?

you can see a read my profile before being hostile

Kurylo3d2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This game sucks... I wish me and my friends never bought it. Its just a first person shooter.. with mostly melee, no real ai they just walk toward u and attack..., no innovation... nothing. The game is just BORING. I mean seriously... 3 zombies walk towards u .. u beat them to death... repeat this formula about 100x until u get to tired... no story really... its just walking around bringing an item to a location... Nothing horrifying... nothing fun... sad excuse for a game.

I was not expecting the teaser trailer, but cmon... left 4 dead is scarier then this game.. and left 4 dead is actually fun to play. Plus its practically impossible to die... and if u do manage to die you just respawn 2 feet away minues 200 dollars... the same 200 dollars u just picked up off a zombie

Pintheshadows2713d ago

I'm warming to it but I totally see where your coming from. I feel that way too. Or felt that way. Then I got really blazed. And bam! Dead Island is ok. To an extent. Still not scary though. I was more scared of the moth in my room.

Kurylo3d2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

the games just got no point... the main point of this game is bring the juice bottles from the gas station to your home base. No point. Just endless walking around in an environment that doesnt even look good...... i mean u honestly dont even have to fight a single zombie.. u can just walk around them. and when u have a mile distance between u and only 3 or 4 zombies in all of view... its kinda easy and stupid at the same time.

Plus u can literally fight off like 10 zombies by just kicking... anytime u land a kick they fall backwards on the ground.

BlueRevolvuR2713d ago

Agreed. The Dead Island trailer was one of the best trailers for a video game I've seen in a while, and when I heard the game wasn't going to be anything like it at all, I stopped caring. I know a lot of people that enjoy it, and I'm sure it's fun, but I was hoping for something with a great story.

i_da_pappy2713d ago

i agree. the trailer was epic but when i seen the gameplay it made me upset. i'll just wait for the price drop to get it.

Pintheshadows2713d ago

It doesn't really have a story.

Cpt_kitten2713d ago

are people really still crying because of a TEASER trailer? what babies grow up and learn to enjoy something dead island is silly fun with friends and that's really what matters

BattleTorn2713d ago

I love this game.

And people are determined to hate it because of Teaser.. that's silly.

Game itself isn't "silly"

I've spend 30+hrs in this game, and just last night while re-looting the police station (alone),
I was surprised-grabbed by a zombie when collecting loot, I literally screamed. I was exstatic to know the game still gets my heart pumpin.

danielle0072713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I'm not crying, but this game is a disappointment. What if it had had a real emotional story that sucked you in, and you cared who lived and died on the island?

We have a lot of other games that are considered "silly fun" with zombies and friends. I wanted something new. An emotional, moving zombie game. What an amazing experience it would have been, so I'm sure Dead Island is just fine, but it could have been perfection.

Cpt_kitten2713d ago

do you really think anything with zombies is going to be emotional or moving? whats emotional about something that is dead....nothing, and if someone gets bitten well that's there own fault for not being able to survive, leave them behind there as good as dead

i would like to see more emotional wrapping stories but with zombies no

danielle0072712d ago

Are you serious? Let's look at the teaser trailer. Emotional, touching, sad, depressing - WITH ZOMBIES.

Seriously. Let's just go with the teaser trailer: Your family is getting killed by an overwhelming force that never stops, unless their brains are destroyed. It's terrifying. Your child got separated, and then bitten. You try to save her, but it's just too late, so you lay her down, and then she turns into a zombie. Yeah, she's dead, but she still looks exactly like your daughter, and she's trying to eat you. Man, it's a bummer.

They could have had an emotional story. But, they seemed to have rushed this game out, so they probably didn't want to pay an actual writer to write a moving story.

Also, another example of an emotional story with zombies: The Walking Dead.

leapfrogger2713d ago

you know... gears of war was nothing like the mad world trailer...

contra1572713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

The game can be fun, it was hyped to be an amazing Zombie game but in reality it was just an average game. i dont think its awful but it sure didnt live to the hype.

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