Sony makes most of Wii shortages

Sony is taking advantage of Nintendo Wii shortages and a recent price cut of the PlayStation 3 to double weekly sales of the console in the US.

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jromao4930d ago

... that people aren't yet aware of PS3 power, otherwise they will just pick PS3 from shelfs.

duarteq4930d ago

what u have said is true. PS3 is the right console. bought one. No worry about games and future.

paul_war4930d ago

Well there you go, I post the exact same story earlier & it gets shot down as a duplicate, there is no justice.

TriggerHappy4930d ago

And thats mods exist...PM a mod about this situation if you want it resolved...

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4930d ago

ps3 FTW!!!! eat yourself nintendo! though i have a wii :P

PMR_214930d ago

being a achieve nothing out of only make yourself look foolish

solar4930d ago

this is encouraging to say the least. however the road to catch the leaders is a long one.

bourner4930d ago

in europe the wii is £180 and the ps3 is £300 at best . who goes out to get a wii and ends up getting a ps3 ?

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