Nintendo faces end of era after 3DS flop

Nintendo's attempt to rescue its failed 3DS handheld games gadget failed to dispel market gloom, triggering a 5 percent share slide and stoking deep worries for an iconic brand desperate to win back users.

On Tuesday, President Satoru Iwata introduced what he said was an unprecedented range of games, aimed at attracting everyone from hardcore gamers to fashion-conscious girls and fans of the long-running Mario series.

The Japanese company also announced on its website a new 1,500 yen ($19) slidepad accessory needed for certain games.

But analysts and investors dismissed the line-up as lackluster and largely irrelevant in the face of cheap or free games played on the likes of Apple's iPhone and iPad and Google-powered Android devices.

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SonyNGP2716d ago

Look, ma!
Doom article!

zerocrossing2716d ago

You know what's really stupid is they compare games on the iphone/mobile phones and other similar mobile devices with 3DS games like they are even related!

Mobile gamers aren't even in the same demographic as handheld console gamers, mobile gamers are casual gamers where the 3DS has core games like LoZ, RE and Street Fighter, do we need to explain this? because I thought it was common knowledge.

iamnsuperman2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

"Mobile gamers aren't even in the same demographic as handheld console gamers, mobile gamers are casual gamers where the 3DS has core games like LoZ, RE and Street Fighter"

You are thinking to much in the past. The problem is as console get more expensive to make the casual has to be brought in to keep a system going. Back when the DS was released it was ok because there was Nintendo dogs and such which brought this crowd in. Now there is mobile gaming on the cheap. These casual consumers do not care about the 3DS/Vita because there phone can now play fun and addictive games. The hardcore is no longer enough to keep a system a float. We wouldn't have had a PS3 or a 360 without the casual consumer buying into the multi media aspect of them. Nintendo taught us with the Wii how valuable the casual market is. The casual market's money is giving us lot good console because they can afford to take risks as long as there is a casual footing in the console. The problem with mobile gaming is it has been swallowed by android/ios gaming which the casual love and so are not putting money into systems like the 3DS. Nintendo and Sony must envolve with the market or release cheaper, less spec happy hand helds because the casual are just not interested any more


Well that is where the challenge is.. all this reliance on the casual market. Problem is the casual market are just that, Casual! they will be gone with the wind when the next fad comes along.

They don't have a core interest in the products just a passing. On the flip side, you panda towards them too much and you loose hardcore gamers.

Tanir2714d ago

zero.....u just called the 3ds core.....yet there aren't any core games out.

nintendo marketed this as a casual console, released as a casual console and decided to let the core gamers wait.

thats whats happening now. ur zelda's and resident evils are a year from release or more if u live in europe or america.

the ds did good because it catered to both casual and core. 3ds.....well the inclusion of 3d itself was a casual move. 3d is one of the biggest fads ever and it doesnt add to the gaming concept like touch screen, motion gaming did. 3d does nothing.

its what ever tho

n4f2714d ago

after seeing tgs i dont think 3ds will flop

Tanir2714d ago

probably not in the end, but in the beginning its flopping pretty bad. one of worst launches ever. i still laugh at my bro for getting it since he has no games and no games coming out in near future, netflix, flipnote and other services arent up, he over paid for it when it was 250, his first one broke, and now they are going to do a redesign with the 2nd analog, which is inevitable.

i will wait till the dual analog version comes out, maybe by then the games i want like kingdom hearts, resident evil, kaguya, labrynth etc will be out

ksense2716d ago

o god can we atleast wait till the big hitters come this holiday and then saying it is doomed or the end of an era if they sell poorly!!!. Nintendo hardware always moves on their solid first party lineup.

Anon19742716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"But analysts and investors dismissed the line-up as lackluster and largely irrelevant in the face of cheap or free games played on the likes of Apple's iPhone and iPad and Google-powered Android devices."

It's not like this is just some fan site, looking for hits. When writers for Reuters start saying it's the end of an era and labeling the 3ds a flop, they're not doing it for hits. It's because they think there's serious reason for concern. And this while reports are coming that claim western developers are waiting to see how the 3ds "plays out" before committing to further development.

If you don't think there's any cause for concern, you're simply burying your head in the sand in my opinion.

-Alpha2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I strongly disagree with the notion that the games wont make a difference, because at the very core of any gaming based hardware, the games are what counts.

Is there concern? Sure. But I have to keep on comparing the situation to Sony's and how there was also plenty of concern for the PS3. I don't see the 3DS becoming as successful as the DS no more than the PS3 being anywhere close to PS2's success. Are these flops? In terms of well being, they didn't reach the standards of their previous products, but that wont make them bad products.

Nintendo simply lacks these major titles at the moment, but these are multi-million selling franchises that have multi-million fanbases. When it comes to the casual market I have no doubt that the majority of them have moved away from the DS to the phone, but a good portion of Nintendo fans are hardcore gamers who want to play hardcore Nintendo games.

Cupid_Viper_32716d ago

I'm not goint to say that "I've told you so" but I've always had this feeling that Nintendo has failed to mature along side their fanbase, and the Wii didn't do much to help their cause either.

Here's what I mean, over the ps1, ps2 and xbox years, the gaming audience has matured a bit and their taste in games they play have also changed, the average gamer is a bit older, living in a more technological world, and is more tech savvy then your average gamer of 10-15 years years ago. And this is where, In my opinion, Nintendo has fallen behind a bit. If you look at ps1, vs N64, ps2 vs GameCube vs the Xbox, and ps3 vs 360 vs Wii, and PsP vs DS, and now Vita vs 3ds, the techs from Nintendo are almost always the least impressive, from a multimedia perspective, and also from a games perspective as well, especially this Gen. And I think it's starting to show that gamers demand more out of their devices, especially now that a 13 year old can get a prepaid smart phone, play free games, go on the web, play music, and do lots more on that one device.

But then again, I dont run a multibillion dollar company, just my 2 cents.

-Alpha2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

But you also have to understand that Nintendo has always catered to a specific core audience in their core titles. If you don't like those games anymore then move on. It's not that Nintendo has failed to mature, but maybe you've outgrown their games. Those games Nintendo has are still some of the best in the industry, and I for one choose to enjoy them for it.

While Nintendo has a lot of work in regards to catching up with some basic technological advances, I view them as an alternate service to more traditional gaming. I always say that I prefer a Wii to a 360 for a secondary console and I mean that.

Me personally, I love Nintendo games. They are much more creative and I love the imaginative worlds of their games over the "mature" games of today that focus on war, realism, or shooting.

Just look at how Spyro/Ratchet, Jak/Crash, and Sly evolved into Nathan Hale, Nathan Drake, and Cole McGrath

I miss games with unique, imaginative characters and hate how so many games have turned towards typical carbon copy characters and settings.

Cupid_Viper_32715d ago

@ Alpha, I agree that if you go PS3 and Wii then you cover 95% of what console gaming have to offer, but the question remains, we're still talking about the Wii as a "SECONDARY" concole, and not a primary, I'll go on a limb here and say that this is true for the 100 million plus gamers Sony and Microsoft shares between them both. As in, there's 100 million gamers out there that the wii can't satisfy, hence why the more expensives consoles are sold more than the Wii.

It's not to say that their games aren't good or creative, it's just that the majority of their games alienates a huge proportion of the gaming population.

if you go back from now, you'll see that each gen prior was more successful for Nintendo, and you'll also noticed that their gaming library was more diversed as well, a great balance between, the casual, and the hardcore. I dont think that it's just a coincidence. I mean, if they were providing everything that a gamer needs then why would people suddenly up a leave them in the dust and flock to something else.

truth is, the same thing is happening to MS in a sense, their library of games is thinning, and they have to make a huge effort towards the casual, as it is now mostly multiplatforms that is keeping the console alive to core gamers. But what happens next gen when you want to push a new console, and new techs? You'll have to relly on third parties, whom are not always on board, look at the ps3's launch for example.

AdvanceWarsSgt2714d ago

The Gamecube was easily more powerful than the PS2, same with the N64 vs. the PS1.

Jesus you young gamers have no idea what you're talking about.

jetlian2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

has always banked on kids. And in japan even kids aren't being born! Western kids don't care for classical gaming so nintendo is in a tight spot now.

Like others have said those who grew up on nintendo most likely don't wanna play kiddy games unless they have kids! With MS and sony building more casual focus it only takes more away from nintendo

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Guitardr852714d ago

Yeah but at what point do we say that the same people who were interested in mario and ER games have moved on to cheaper (usually free) gaming on IOS/Android? If Nintendo loses its casual and has only the support of Nintendogs (which you have to admit is comparatively way smaller than the casual base Nintendo has built up), then it will be very hard, if not impossible, for Nintendo to keep going. It doesn't look very good for them. They created a market that has moved on to something else...

zerocrossing2716d ago

"Nintendo faces end of era after 3DS flop" Yeah I don't think so.

Nintendo may have made some pretty bad mistakes with the 3DS but I doubt they're going to just leave it at that, once the redesign 3DS is released and we getter some decent games then we'll see how much of a flop it is.

majiebeast2714d ago

I wonder what had more articles this week the 3ds DOOMED! or that damn gta4 mod.

StayStatic2714d ago

and that multi-disc crap

Optical_Matrix2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

The 3DS won't be lacking in games. That much I'm not worried about. The problem isn't even games with the 3DS anymore. It's about Nintendo's absolute mishap with the hardware. The design, although nice and fitting well into my pocket, is dated and the worst thing is that Nintendo arrogantly ignored the age of 24hr Connectivity through social networking/apps and online gaming. The 3DS does none of these things to the level a mobile/handheld device should do in 2011.

You can disagree all you want, but if connectivity and online capabilities weren't such a big thing in the portable space, then why, after watching Sony's TGS Conference, do you see how much Sony is trying to unify the networking experience with Vita. Networking and Online connectivity is the cornerstone of portable electronics. Not 3D screens. Sure I'll enjoy the games that I'll be playing on my 3DS this christmas and beyond, but that's not going to help Nintendo sell 3DS to the casual crowd who flocked to the DS for brain training and touch controls. They're off playing angry birds and hitting up Twitter on their shiny new iPhones. For them, THAT is where it's out with portable devices. And Nintendo completely failed in realising that.

People will say, you can't compare 3DS games to iPhone games. Which is true, there's no competition. But to the casual that only goes for cheap, time wasters, whats more appealing? A 3DS that only plays games that are £30-35 or the Phone that does 10x more that plays games for 50p? The answer for gamers is obvious. The answer for your average consumer is also obvious.

As such, the 3DS is just a device for us die-hard gamers which, although will help, it won't help the 3DS be the success the DS was. And even the, Vita as a gaming device runs circle around the 3DS. I hope the 3DS continues to sell well and grow because I enjoy mine. But only a fanboy would deny that Nintendo made mistake after mistake with the way they handled the development and proceeding first 6 months of the 3DS' life.

The 3DS is by no means doomed. The line up for this holiday alone is insane. Got a few games on pre-order myself. But it's relevence in the portable devices market is declining

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