The 10 Biggest Moments in the Console Wars

Wii vs. PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 -- GameDaily breaks down the highlights of the feud shaping this console generation.

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jackfatal4961d ago

in the article the last big moment for the ps3 they mentioned 80GB ps3 is $399 but that was the 40GB!!!

360 throned all their big guns now!! if 360 doesnt sell better than ps3 world wide this holiday season then 360 is doomed!!

hopefully ps3 price cut will help it to be a hard competitor this holiday season specially with uncharted and ractchat and haze!! also other multi plat game!!

nupes984961d ago

Spring 2008 will tell alot about each console's future

Danja4961d ago

good read but the 80GB is $499...where's the introduction of the 40GB..??..

ericnellie4961d ago

How long would the list be if they incorporated every PS3 SKU change and price drop? Seriously!?

Danja4961d ago

let me explain how they could have doen this..with out changing a thing

when they mentioned about the 60GB price cut they should have also mentioned the 80GB beign introduced explaining why lowering the price of the 60GB wasn't really a price cut

and then instead of them ending it by saying Sony Lowered the price of the 80GB they should have just mentioned the introduction of the 40GB..


ericnellie4961d ago

Okay, that's simple enough and it makes sense;)

My next question is why should the SKU change and price drop be classified as ONE OF THE BIGGEST MOMENTS IN THE COSOLE WARS? Don't get me wrong, I love my PS3 -- I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from:)
Thanks for the explanation! Sometimes your fanboy comments kill me and other times you argue rationally and it's cool when you do;)

Danja4960d ago

kk so im kinda late to the AC..

I was just saying it would make more sense for them to atleast mention the introduction of a new SKU...I mean lowering the price of the 80GB isn't well shocking news we all knew that was gonna happen for the holidays..

The reason why I think they should have mentioned the 40GB is's the most important part of SONY's plan to boost hardware sales.this month and into the holidays..and the 40GB..can actually make a dent in the 360/Wii down playing the importance of this is just down right dumb

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Bnet3434961d ago

was when Microsoft announced GTA4 coming to Xbox 360 at the same time of the PS3 version with exclusive DLC. That really shook people from both sides, some good, some bad.

Itachi4961d ago

$600/£425 price announcement was a big shock

but £425 is nothing to me and im no oil tycoon

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