DICE responds to Battlefield 3 leak

Eurogamer: "Watching the game in crappy 320x200 resolution on YouTube is not the way that we want people to experience the game."

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ddurand12712d ago

so release that damned beta already

iamnsuperman2712d ago

It is probably not ready yet

Corax2712d ago

I feel the beta is gonna be real soon, sometime between now and the 19th. Reason why, they said they did hundreds of changes since alpha and will really be using the beta to get more feedback to make more changes. In order for feedback on the game and what could be done to it to make it better they would want time on there hands to do this. Anytime between the 20 and later I think would be stressful to them to make these changes then test it out and make more changes. But then again I don't know how easy it would be or how hard it would be to make changes to this game I just hope its soon.

deadpoole2712d ago

This is how it is ... beta will only be launched when the games will be sent for in production which is usually a month before launch date ...

So based on that it will launch either on 24th or 25th Sept because of US launch date is 25 OCt ... or 28 Sept cuz of 28OCt release date

b163o12711d ago

^^^Makes sense, really don't understand the disagrees

Heartnet2711d ago

how can a beta not be ready? its a beta.. supposed to be things wrong with it lol

DeadlyFire2711d ago

Beta will happen sometime between September 16th and first week of October. We are very likely to get a post launch patch.

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miDnIghtEr2712d ago

Oh Boo hoo EA... Boo freaking Hoo. Your game comes out in a month. Let's have the demo errrrr... I mean the "beta" already.

Your not supposed to view the game on youtube. Whaaaa!

DigitalxPiracy2712d ago

I'm so sick of people claiming that the beta will be nothing more than a demo because there is no time to fix problems before the game is released. There will be a week one or perhaps day one patch that will address issues that arise from the beta. Wouldn't you rather play the game a month before release and have a fix by launch or would you rather wait until Nov. for a patch? I agree that the beta will also be used for marketing purposes but don't think DICE will do nothing while it is up and running.

Sashamaz2712d ago

Fixing bugs is not easy the only patch we'll see on day one will probably be of the fixes they did from the alpha. My guess is the Beta will be to test out their servers with high traffic but not for any major improvements. But that's just my guess.

Hayabusa 1172711d ago

There is definitely a benefit in getting beta feedback in as early as possible: and BF3 certainly won't be feeling those benefits. In all honesty I'm not sure why they're bothering with a beta at this stage. I guess simply because they promised it ages ago...

hiredhelp2711d ago

WoW real mature there, talking childish like that you dont deserve play the beta.
Only 1 bubble wonder why, keep that up you wont make many freinds
Boo Hoo!

Heartnet2711d ago

tbf ur comment was pretty much same as him in maturity level so dont act like you got the high ground :P

hiredhelp2711d ago

called being sarcastic.

Convas2712d ago

But what doesn't make sense is WHEN are they going to show consoles in direct-feed HD trailer/gameplay goodness? We're a little over a month away from launch.

Hell, DICE admitted I think it was yesterday that they don't even have the GUN UNLOCKS ORDER in place. This thing reeks of a massive scramble. DICE is in a bind timewise and they won't admit it. Chances are EA won't admit it either.

They've been working on the game for years now, there's no reason they should be scrambling so madly now. Usually around this time in development, most devs are starting to kick back, celebrating the final build, doing light bug hunting/polishing whilst waiting for final certification.

So what's up with DICE?

Caleb_1412711d ago

They're trying to make the best damn FPS we've ever seen...maybe

Drab2711d ago

Already have bad MW2.5 will still out sell it><

Dojan1232712d ago

The alpha was the beta. What they are doing now is a demo to help sell the game since they will not be able to fix real items before launch. They may be able to change configuration files like hit box. I think they would not have a beta if they never promised it to sell MOH.

Dee_912712d ago

a alpha beta u say
i thought it was a closed beta
but il take your word for it
because people on n4g are known for being right
lol im jk

Heartnet2711d ago

which means ur sarcasm is also wrong ahhh what to believe *mind blown*

DEA Fresh2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

The game is a month from release. It has to be in the very late stages of development. There should be screens and videos everywhere. Why are they holding out?

I've never seen a games graphics change between beta and retail by any noticeable amount even when the betas are months before the release. A beta this late means they won't have a lot of time to work out glitches and tech issues before it goes gold. Expect an early post release patch.

MW3 was announced months after BF3 and is going to release later but there are vids and screens all over. Just show us the game. Im happy w the leaks because at least it's something

SignifiedSix2712d ago

"MW3 was announced months after BF3 and is going to release later but there are vids and screens all over. Just show us the game. Im happy w the leaks because at least it's something"
You do realize that the COD series uses the same engine over and over with each game, right? That's why they show it right away. they know its presentable, because its THE SAME ENGINE :)
BF is god of FPS'. People just continue to support the garbage of cod. I bet any amount of money, it will be gimped again, for the PC and PS3.. Blame CRAPTIVISION for that, and my friends, Microsoft! lol

Heartnet2711d ago

Dude calm the fuk down what if it uses the same engine? shudnt that mean they have to be careful of what they show as to not upset fans with the same graphcis and now have to rely on different modes different perks etc??

and ur saying mw3 will be gimped for pc and ps3? BF3 will be F***on everything lol... itll be a lag fest with terrible dedy servers and im gonna wait for ur tears as ur disc brakes :)

KwietStorm2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

What's going to be in more presentable form quicker, the same car model from 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007...with a new coat of paint, or a new car built from the ground up?

chickens2711d ago

new built car doesn't always mean its good. however, we shall see when the games comes out. kinda looking forward to playing this.

sak5002711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )


"MW3 was announced months after BF3 and is going to release later but there are vids and screens all over"

Pretty easy to answer if i may. MW3 is just a new skin on a tech from last 4 years so why would they not be able to finish any game in 2 months after they annouce. It's just a matter of using some new skins and maps rest, textures, sounds, options/menus/interface story is just rehased from previous releases. HOwever BF3 is done from ground up on their new Frost 2.0 engine with PC / PS3 / 360 versions being worked on separately.

So what do you think about your previous comment making any sense?

Edit: sorry dint see kwietstorms comment which is what i have also said here.

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