Forza 4 Top Gear Modes Detailed - Everybody Plays

This year's Forza 4 integrated Top Gear in a big way. How big? Try Car Football, Car Bowling, and a full digital recreation of the Top Gear set, as part of a new drive by Forza 4 for the more casual audience. Everybody Plays says "Forza 4's looking to appeal to a whole new market with a game that anyone can play."

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ironwolf2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

28 days and counting.

A nicely done write up. It appears the Top Gear integration is going to make this a game to relax with as well as obsess over.

AutoCad2715d ago

haha nice car football !!!!

xoJEEox2715d ago

Sounds good. Great to see a game integrating Top Gear in a GOOD way, Gran Turismos piss poor effort to use the top gear track was simply woeful. Yes id love to do the same laps over and over again in crap cars with 20 identical crap cars in front of me which i get ridiculously penalised for so much as scraping and failing the test completely if i strike a single cone or stray too far from the track. Good thinking genius

GameOn2715d ago

Brilliant. I loved the #cat and mouse, and virus modes in F3.
Just a bit disapointed bout no Porsche :(

Animal Mutha 762713d ago

Blame EA for the Porsche issue. And then they have the nerve to splat videos of porsches in their new game all over the net like childish gloating bastards.

F**k EA they are not getting any of my cash for the forseeable future and Activision are also on my soon to be pissed off with list if they shaft MW3 with overpriced map packs and turdy online passes.

Really looking forward to F4 and at least it has RUF. I hope turn 10 deliver on their own hype. F3 was a masterpiece.