Barrel Roll Podcast #133 – “They’re All In Purgatory” writes, "On the one-hundred and thirty-third episode of the Barrel Roll show, Jonah is incredibly distracted by a teething baby. There may also have been some discussion of video games, or it was all a dream. Possibly, the guys were actually dead the entire time and in purgatory.

After the news and new games coming out this week, Wes returns to give us his Borderlands progress. He also redid our intro song using Cambox and does a comparison with Vidrhythym. Adam Milecki is back to tell us about Rock of Ages, Section 8: Prejudice and his initial impressions of Bastion. Jesse finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution, played the crap out of some Star Fox 64 3D and also gives us the rundown of SkyDrift. Meanwhile, Jonah was sucked into Disgaea 4 and may never be heard from again."

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