Congratulations, 3DS Owners. You Just Helped Nintendo Beta Test a Product

Kotaku: When I bought the 3DS back in February, customers didn't have a choice between one thumb pad or two. There was only one. While developing the 3DS—a handheld that Nintendo said would not be subjected to a new iteration anytime soon—Nintendo had that choice, but went with a single pad.

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Why o why2713d ago

I do kinda agree. Not sure why Nintendo done this. They seem all over the place with this product

Trunkz Jr2713d ago

Kinda tired of seeing the 3DS bashing articles one after another, yeah we get it already Nintendo fudged up with the 3DS.

darthv722713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

it doesnt really do anything for previous games but the notion of a second analog input is tempting.

Sony made changes to the psp not to long after it launched and the changes were in the amount of internal memory and tv out. Changes for the better and they sold more of the psp 2000/3000 since then.

There have been add-ons before that ended up getting integrated at some point in a systems life. Like the GBA having wifi adapters that later were part of the ds family. There was also a rumble pack that was used for a few games but when the dsi came out and did not have the rumble included I was a bit surprised.

For them, if there is a need for it to be used on a regular basis then they will build it into the unit. The add-on pad isnt that bad of an idea and if more companies use it then we will see a 3ds with one built in.

Maybe they will put it offset like a 360 controller. The added pad below the face buttons on the right would be cool to hold.

edit: looking at the add-on closer i see they gave it real trigger buttons and a thicker body to make it feel more comfortable in the hands.

I dont know about the rest of you all but this is looking more and more like an alternate controller for the wii-u possibly. The ds was rumored to have been used as an alternate controller for the wii several years ago. Could be nintendo has found a way to have one assist the other.

silvacrest2713d ago

if it's news its gonna get commented on, doesn't matter if its negative or not

i personally welcome all the bad 3DS news, nintendo made the same mistake sony did when coming from a successful product, sony rectified there problems but they were most software related

the 3Ds has a useless 3D screen (my opinion), barley stronger specs then the DS, and its missing a second nub (short sighted or what?)

sikbeta2713d ago

I'd be mad if I bought a handheld and then saw a redesign model with better stuff in less than a year, even if they give me the add-on for free, it's not the same.

Remember when people were asking for a second analogue stick for the PSP? now you know why never materialized until its successor

SonyNGP2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Thanks, Kotaku :3

Kamikaze1352713d ago

Nintendo really messed up on this one. When games start to come out and rely too heavily on the extra analog and make it difficult to play with just one, gamers will grow frustrated being forced to buy such a bulky accessory or fork over the money for another 3DS.

Trunkz Jr2713d ago

I don't mind forking over money for a 3DS Lite if I just trade it in with my current 3DS or sell it in general.

Kamikaze1352713d ago

And in doing that you might as well have thrown money away since you won't make a profit. I don't know about you, but I hate throwing money away.

Eamon2713d ago

That's the annoying part. No way will the 3DSi cost more than the 3DS at launch.

But tbh it's better than having that dumbass attachment.

colonel1792713d ago

I will keep my 3DS until Mario 3D Land comes out, and after that I will sell it. At least for credits to buy other games that come out this fall/winter. I'm definitely won't buy another 3DS until almost the end of the generation, If I even do.

cliffbo2713d ago

they're scared of the Vita, clear as day

darthv722713d ago

i just dont see how a capcom game attachment is a sign of scared of vita. I see it for what it is. Capcom wanted a second pad and nintendo made one. Sort of like the guitar hero attachment for the ds to play guitar hero games.

Will this be used all the time? Maybe and if so then we will see a revised unit with the pad built in. not that big of a deal is it?

Theyellowflash302713d ago

Nintendo dropped the ball with the 3DS. The attachment is ugly and not designed that well. It should have a clip that wraps around the 3DS and the second analog pad is in the empty spot under the buttons on the console.

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