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Why do publishers and developers show obvious favor to Sony?

So with 3DS having been launched 'I' was really looking forward to all the third party content. So many games had been announced and all these publishers and developers were said to be on board. 'I' was looking forward to seeing Assasins Creed and other titles like Call Of Duty. I was so exited for 3DS as a platform that would see huge third party support.

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Community2744d ago
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ThatCanadianGuy2744d ago

Sony made third party devs what they are today.Nintendo has always been about it's first party titles first and foremost.

fr0sty2744d ago

Not to mention how much easier it is to port a game like Assasin's Creed to a console that can handle the same polygon meshes, etc. and only needs minor tweaks to get it up and running properly on the handheld, and one that comes stock with 2 analog sticks.

OllieBoy2744d ago

Yep. Sony pretty much bends over backwards for game publishers, dating all the way back to the PS1.

For Nintendo, it's either their way or the highway.

J86blum2744d ago

I agree with ThatCanadianGuy

Lich1202744d ago

Its because the 3ds is a classic style Handheld in a handheld market that is changing dramatically due to the iPhone / iPad (whether we like it or not this is the case). While the PS3 had a rough launch, it was clear that from market trends that console gaming was alive and well. So publishers knew they weren't dumping their money into an empty market. With the 3ds publishers are terrified because nobody is really quite sure how the markets going to pan out. Same thing goes for the Vita. Its getting a lot harder to sell a game for 30-40 dollars when the iPhone / iPad / Android have games up for 5 dollars that are competitive (infinity blade and others).

Persistantthug2744d ago

Sony has (had) 3 platforms available.

Developers simply make more money with Sony overall when you consider that Sony has a PS3, PSP, and a PS2 for developers to sell their games.

It wouldn't be surprising to hear that Developers probably collect bonus royalty rates for developing for all 3 of Sony's video game systems or even 2 out of 3.

Alot of people have tunnel vision when it comes to consoles, but when it comes to Sony, there's more to the story than just the PS3.

just sayin.

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yewles12744d ago

"Why do publishers and developers show obvious favor to Sony?"

WTF??? I don't see any Mistwalker games coming to Sony platforms, do YOU??? We've had a TON of former PS1, PS2 and PSP exclusives become multiplat at the drop of a hat, and did people forget what just happened at the 3DS conference? *facepalm*

Marceles2744d ago

Blah...we know the Mistwalker story, bad example

NatureOfLogic2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I thought Mistwalker said they made a deal with MS a long time ago, which I know they regret know.

whitezagetsu712744d ago

I agree......not with the 3ds statement but the rest is true developers and former Ps2 owners seem to hate the PS3

ShaunCameron2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

In the case of developers, they hate the PS3 only because due to its ridiculoulsy sophisticated infrastructure, it's too time-consuming and expensive to make games for it. And as a result, it puts the pressure on them to sell more just to break even where even a game selling 1 000 000 units might not cut it (i.e.: Ninja Theory and Heavenly Sword; Team Bondi and L.A. Noire).

In the case of ex-PS2 owners, I can only think of one reason. Its library looks almost exactly like the XBox 360's library.

ThePsychoGamer2744d ago

I see Mistwalker getting screwed by a terrible publisher. a publisher that just douse it own thing never listening to what it's fans want. One that if it decides it doesn't want to release a game in a certain region it decides that region should never get that game, cause they will never let another publisher release the game in said region. A publisher that is punishing the developer and there fans for loyalty. Shall we talk more about the relationship between MW and Nintnedo?

Simco8762744d ago

here we go, the homeless Xbox fanboy at his best

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ksense2744d ago

"Despite the lack of hardware sales software titles did decent with titles like Rayman 3D obviously breaking even if not profiting. Software sales are so strong that despite not having 10-million hardware units on the market a game has already broken the million copy sold mark"

there in lies the problem. there was not a lot of great software to choose from in the first place so those games that sold decent at launch would not sell that much again once the likes of mario, mario kart, zelda and big first party titles launch. This has always been the problem with nintendo. it is almost always their first party games that sell well on their systems with one in a dozen third party titles doing decent.

ShaunCameron2743d ago

Exactly. The initial price was not the problem. The problem was that many of the games it launched with were remakes of console games and the rest weren't really anything to get excited about.

Bleach2744d ago

Because Sony help and nurture developers rather than sticking up red tape and barricades in front of them.

Media Molecule have said it time and time again what a freeing experience it is working for Sony, being allowed to do your own thing and express your work in any you want with Sony supporting you all the way. This is why David Jaffe has stayed with Sony for so many years.

SonyStyled2744d ago

AND hes 3rd party, and even said he would sell eat sleep play to the "right publisher", thus im sure he wants to be sony owned once again

topgeareasy2744d ago

since when did forum posts matter as news or as opinion pieces ( i could make forum post on how publishers favored the DS over PSP)

plus capcom canceled resident evil PSP for a 3DS game

supremacy2744d ago

Kinda like they canned mega man legends 3, I am sure the vita will receive a resident evil game, heck wouldnt be surprise to see viewful joe and devil may cry series hit the vita as well.

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