Ageia Unveils APEX Development Platform

Ageia Technologies introduced today the company's Adaptive Physics EXtensions (APEX) Development Platform. APEX features a series of PhysX tools and asset libraries to help modders, designers and developers streamline the implementation of in-game physics. In total, the Development Platform consists of Pipeline Offload, Scaling Level of Detail System and Pre-built Verticals.

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lodossrage4927d ago

Which platform will benefit from this more? The ps3 or 360?

Genki4927d ago

how about all of them?

lodossrage4927d ago

I just mean which platform would these tools be focused on more

DeadlyFire4926d ago

PC always gets the best end of these kind of deals. It will be much easier to code on the PC as well than on the other two platforms. There would be less worry about RAM on the PC side as well since most people are getting or have 2-4 GB of RAM. PS3 and X360 must have a few things cut back on when developers swap games over to them due to RAM limitations. Games still look and run great though.