The Changing Indie Landscape: Steam Beats Xbox?

Paul Hyman writes:The digital landscape is shifting, and the current platform of choice may not be the same as it was just a short time ago, say several developers recently interviewed by Gamasutra.
They suggest one is more likely to find success by heading over to Valve Software's Steam digital distribution platform than to rely on some of the other digital mainstays, like Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace or Apple's iOS.

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fluffydelusions2717d ago

Er Steam has always been famous and more popular for indie games. Where has this guy been?

darthv722717d ago

I have not used steam since half life 2 first came out. I remember needing an account to validate my purchase of the game. I have a game of torchlight that my friend got my as a gift and it is sitting in my steam store profile.

I just dont game on my pc anymore so i had no idea steam did all this kind of stuff.

evrfighter2717d ago

Well now you know

And knowing is half the battle

LiquidSnack2717d ago

When has Xbox ever been ahead of PC for indie gaming?

OllieBoy2717d ago

Never. It's never been close.

Something tells me the author just discovered Steam.

CaptainMarvelQ82717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Microsoft supports some idie developers while most are left in the dark depending on word of mouth for selling.I've actually heard a bunch of indie devs complain about how MS does business with them.

Anon19742717d ago

As an indie developer myself, it never even crossed our minds to sell on Xbl. The stories of indie's troubles with Microsoft are numerous, and I feel the 360 offers a somewhat limited player base when looking at what sells on the platform. Fine for some indies, but for indies like myself making more casual titles I wouldn't bother with the 360.

Apple ios and Steam have been are plan since the start. Perhaps later, as we grow we'll look at the PSN. Sony offers a nice incentive plan where you still own and control your IP but if you agree to exclusivity, they'll cover all your developmental costs once the game is delivered, and that's a guarantee you can take to the bank to fund your project, like the developers of Hoard. For indies, locking down funding for projects is a huge hurtle.

maniacmayhem2717d ago

PC is the haven for indie development. But MS should be applauded for trying.

I still think the indie app/window(?) should be placed right somewhere in front especially with the promotion going on.

KMCROC2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Like how Robert Boyd, founder of Lake Arrowhead, CA-based Zeboyd Games states one game sold 50,000 but the other sold 16,000 could it be due to the price increase or that the second game was garbage, much easier to blame everyone else than yourself or your product isn't Rod.