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"Plain and simple: this is the best Madden ever. There are literally too many improvements to mention and if I have missed any out, then I apologise, I was too busy being slack jawed with awe. The only criticisms I could dish out are that the level of depth and difficulty could be off putting to newcomers to the franchise, and there is a lack of support for Kinect, which could have made things very interesting, particularly when you factor how entertaining the Wii versions have been.

This is exactly how a sports game can and should be done. It looks utterly amazing and is tweaked and tuned like the very best pack of padded, face painted offensive linemen. If you love the NFL, you will love Madden 12, end of story."

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Fasteddy2715d ago

10/10 on a Madden? Shitstorm inbound.

Raven_Nomad2715d ago

I haven't been the biggest Madden fan, but I admit I bought this Madden on launch day and I agree that it's probably the best Madden ever, though Madden 2005 wasn't too shabby in and of itself.

Glad to see EA Sports is changing things up, even without competition to push it. I think if there were proper competition then it could be even better.

taylork372715d ago

Seriously? I feel like each version should be the best version. Its just improving the same thing every year, how hard could it be? No madden ever deserves a ten in any review IMO.

NoobJobz2715d ago

10/10 means perfect in my mind and this game is far from it. Not a bad game but perfect score? Nah.

GodisaGeek2715d ago

If you read our scoring policy, 10/10 doesn't mean perfect on our publication. We use the entirety of the review scale, otherwise it would be "X out of 9". We believe that if you use a scale of "out of 10" and we think that no game is "perfect" therefore you have to make use of the review scale, or it's worthless, and pointless.

Short version: 10/10 on = The highest possible reccomendation, but not "Perfect".