No Jets in Rush + DICE Putting Beta Concerns to Rest

"We are almost half way through September and many Battlefield fans are beginning to feel worried about the whole beta situation. Is it just going to be a demo? Will DICE have enough time to fix the game?" - MP1st

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Criminal2717d ago

I see why jets aren't going to be in my favorite game mode. It's disappointing but balance comes first.

JellyJelly2717d ago

I agree, and I actually think they fit better with Conquest. Jets require the biggest maps and that would kill the intensity of Rush.

Trunkz Jr2717d ago

Only 3 letters allowed for clan tags? What the crap is going on, this is the kinda crap our clan dealt with in CoD4, etc and is just horrible, especially for a company that claim they will have good clan support...

leogets2717d ago

if thats all u got to worry about then i guess your a lucky guy,3 letters is ample always has been always will be.

PygmelionHunter2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

In b4, all clan tags say either "SEX" or "XXX".

And how could i forget "PRO"

Ron Zook2717d ago

you are apparently not cool enough to join my [ASS] clan

hadriker2717d ago

Is it really necessary to have ridiculously long tags? I mean, -=::{1337sniperz4420}::=- is super cool and all (note: sarcasm), but that defeats the purpose of a "tag".

HoustonTexaz7132717d ago

Best Clan System i know was Killzone 2

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Koblec2717d ago

Considering rush maps are linear, I don't think it would work out so well.

Legion2717d ago

True but an online Rush mode designated to Air Combat would have been a unique add. And maybe even add some ground command and defense for another play type.

Divine Dragon2717d ago

Does anyone else understand what this guy said?


I think he said he wanted an game mode with only jets or something to play on but like in rush have an objective to destroy for an example a bunker or a ship.

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Mister_V2717d ago

I guess it might be a little hard for defenders if they had to constantly worry about Jets. I wonder if that's the reasoning behind it or perhaps something else?

Dlacy13g2717d ago

Well from past experiences on Rush maps they tend to be a bit more narrow as escallation gets driven down the length of the map so it may be a case of the Rush maps just didn't give enough room for jets overall. I wonder if the Player count will be limited on the PC side for Rush as well? Not sure how fun 32 v 32 in rush mode would be if they stick to the formula of two capture points per section.

SJPFTW2717d ago

64 players is only for conquest. Rush on the PC is capped at 32

lMHl2717d ago

[email protected]
your so cool bro how do i get as cool as you

DeadlyFire2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

They should have rush with current rule set and Extreme rush with 4 capture points and 64 players + Jets. Thats just my opinion though. I can see jets not being in that as well though as it might change the formula to much.

darksied2717d ago

I would assume. It's bad enough (good enough?) that you have helicopters and tanks, but if you throw in jets ...? That would be a bit much.

OdinFallen2717d ago

Gamers can be really impatient jerks sometimes.

Criminal2717d ago

Yeah, even BF3 community manager had to turn off his push notification just so he can make a phone call. He was getting bombarded with beta date questions.

jon12342717d ago

i think its for the best, i was getting worried about jets on rush mode

Criminal2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

What if they cut back on choppers, would that make room for a couple of Jets?

Edit: @Jon
Maybe I should've worded my suggestion better. What I mean is that if they cut back on fire power (Choppers, Tanks,..) and introduced Jet in a special Rush with jets, playlist.

It's a long stretch, I know, but one can dream.

jon12342717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

i dont think its because they cant fit them. but its just a bad idea to have over powered vehicles during a rush mode, especially when one side steals the other sides chopper/(in this case)jets and just completely tears apart the other team, at least this is my opinion.

not to mention that most rush maps are linear, you have to follow a path and jets would be flying around everywhere doing their own thing

@Criminal haha yeah, i know i was kind of hoping for a rush map or two that was kind of large and where they had jets too, but i guess were just going to have to play conquest for that

Dlacy13g2717d ago

Hopefully they will give us a Jet only map similar to what they did with BF1943 and Coral Sea. Was a blast to just dog fight, not too mention it was a great training ground for fly boys in that game.

jon12342717d ago

ahh coral sea, my favorite map ever :D

Ares842717d ago

I only play Rush so I guess no jet for me. As for the beta, it should have been announced by now with a firm date.

Criminal2717d ago

Actually, I only play rush too, but with this announcement I'm definitely going to play other game modes. Remember in BF 1943, flying those planes is really fun.

Kurt Russell2717d ago

Rush is amazing... but conquest is better :P

RedDead2717d ago

Guess you're a noob to Battlefield then

Ares842717d ago

After 250 hours in, I don't think so.

JohnnyMann4202717d ago

Have you thought he just likes playing Rush?

I personally do both and once in awhile squad death match with my friends.

It's funner than you'd think.

hadriker2717d ago

Rush is a fine gameplay mode and I enjoy it, but the bread and butter of BF has always been the sandbox gameplay of Conquest.

I can totally understand why some would prefer rush though, the typically smaller infantry-based maps and focus on pushing choke points makes for a bit faster gameplay than you see in conquest.

Also, if all you've played is BFBC2, your a noob at BF.

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