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New Game Network: "Resistance 3 marks the release of the second title this year alone that is both a PlayStation 3 exclusive and a first person shooter with a number three on the end. But, to be fair, Sony has done its best to avoid direct competition between Killzone and Resistance franchises, as that would have been plain bad for business. You can’t help but compare the two, however, and so far the Resistance IP has been falling behind its platform competition through the years. With Killzone 3 already in the books, is Resistance 3 able to match it? Read on to find out. "

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LOGICWINS2714d ago

WOW, very detailed review.

Iroquois_Pliskin2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

so,why not give it an 80?

Drekken2714d ago

Look at his user name. He is probably mad it wasn't on PC. This game can no way be scored less than a 8.5/10 IMO.

buddymagoo2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Yeah this game deserves a lot better! I'm playing the story Co-op with my girlfriend and we both are really enjoying it! Definitely not less than 8.5/10 and didn't click the link because of it.

Just to point out Insomniac are 3rd party and not Sony like you stated in your title paragraph.


Have you even played it yet???

LOGICWINS2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

@Drekken- So anyone who gives RE3 below an 8.5 has a secret agenda and/or is angry the game is not on PC?

You realize how crazy that sounds right?

@buddy- No, I haven't. What's your point? Even if I did play it and I thought it was a 12 outta 10, I'd still respect another person's opinion.

I wouldn't say, "ZOMG he doesn't think like I do...somethings fishy!" Thats immature IMO.

Blaine2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

For a review that gave the game one of its lowest scores, there's a lot of errors.

-Capelli isn't *new*, it's just the first time he steps in the lead role.

-Capelli doesn't "carry the antidote to the chimera virus".

-You can easily check your weapon's level progress by highlighting it right in the weapons wheel.

-I've never had an NPC get stuck in the scenery and prevent the story from progressing.

-Contradiction: "the game lacks any visual indicators of where you’re supposed to go or do, leaving you wandering around the level for what seems like forever, until suddenly the game decides it’s time to create an object marker that points to your next task/way forward."

Not huge errors, but makes me doubt your credibility as reviewer. And these are just facts. I left out any personal feelings about the game, or I could have included my feelings on the health system (which I like and you nit-picked), the graphics (some low-rez textures, yes, but no mention of the great enemy models), the "object marker" (I like that it's delayed, don't want the game to tell me where to go every instant) or the unnecessary comparison between Killzone 3 and Rssistance 3 which, in their genre, are very different games. But those are subjective errors rather than the factual ones I listed above.

Edit: mind you, 79 is by no means terrible. But it is one of the lowest scores the game's gotten.

buddymagoo2714d ago


I'm glad I didn't read it because he obviously didn't know what he was talking about.

Drekken2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

@LOGICWINS - Dude, how about this. Ignore me and I will ignore you. I don't like you or your comments, so just ignore mine. And yes, this guy is an idiot. See the errors he made below... And keep a look out for IMO, which means IN MY OPINION.

Blaine - You are correct, every single one of those criticisms are a lie. I am currently working on my superhuman play through and I haven't had any problems.

Peaceful_Jelly2714d ago

NPC's do get stuck when you leave them too far behind.


never heard of ur ur attempt to get hits is transparent...the amount of factual mistakes is as laughable as ur site

ill never click ur links again now i know what ur about

bluedot1332714d ago


Haha really dude? Perhaps you should check my reviews for R1 and R2 before you suggest I am somehow biased to a platform.

-Capelli isn't *new*
--- Sure he is? He's the new protagonist, is he not?

-Capelli doesn't "carry the antidote to the chimera virus"
--- He is immune thanks to Hale

-You can easily check your weapon's level progress by highlighting it right in the weapons wheel.
--- Perhaps I missed that, but it wasn't exactly easy to spot

-I've never had an NPC get stuck in the scenery and prevent the story from progressing
---- Right, so that means I made it all up and it could never happen... just read the other replies here, obviously it happens.

---- It's not a contradiction? Both statements are true. Game DOES lack a constant objective indicator, until it suddenly changes its mind for whatever reason.

There are things we didn't even cover in the review, like unsteady framerate in multiplayer and singleplayer if we wanted to really nitpick. You doubt credibility, yet all of your criticisms of our review are just opinions, like the review itself.

bluedot1332714d ago


Please list some factual mistakes, i'd be curious to hear them

If we wanted to get "hits" we'd rate it 70 like EDGE or GameInformer. But again, those are all opinions and I doubt those publications need hits by altering review scores.

RE: Everyone complaining
You guys must be crazy, the game is 83 on Metacritic, not exactly far from what we've rated it. You're all way too upset for what is a good score.

TheDivine2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I loved the game but had npc's get stuck and i had to go back and in quite a few parts it does get frustrating because they dont tell you what to do. A marker usually pops up after 5 minutes or so but its annoying. These along with mutiplayer issues people have stated are really issues we're not making them up to bash a 3rd party game lol. Its still the best resistance and for me had one of the best campaigns ever even if the ending was a letdown. The prison made up for any minor complaints i had.

Dont bash a reviewer because you liked a game more than they did. Who says your opinion is any more or less valid? This is his opinion and everyone can write their own review to say differently.

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smashcrashbash2714d ago

Why harp on about the scores that are less then an 8 when there are so many 8s and 9s. Also I find it funny how people are in disbelief that R3 got high scores despite a few minor glitches after games like RDR, Fallout 3 and MW2 got away scott free with high scores. Its amazing how people can turn a blind eye to one thing but tear into another thing for the same reason

Drekken2714d ago

Double standards run rampant in this industry. RDR(not so much), GTA4, FO3 all froze so much on my machine I think they killed my 60GB machine.

It amazes me how these repetitive, boring games got great scores and are praised by reviewers... then the game releases. Once it releases you hear from the real gamers on now glitchy and buggy they actually are.