This Week On Xbox Live (9/13/2011) - Silverguns, Shadow Hunters And A Rockstar Sales Extravaganza

This Week on XBLA brings us the revival of a classic in Radiant Silvergun and something that gives you wings with Red Bull X-Fighters. Of course if classic and flying aren’t your thing, then you’ve got the first bit of DLC for the Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, an expansion for Magic: The Gathering 2012 and finally a massive Rockstar Games Publisher Sale.

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SuperSaiyan42712d ago

Is that out this wednesday or next week?

darthv722712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


I can put my saturn away and let the disc get some well deserved rest. That has to be hands down the #1 shmup I play on my saturn.

edit: I cant put my saturn away just yet. Not unless Sega remakes burning rangers.