Max Payne 3 - Official Packshot unveiled

Rockstar Games has unveiled the official Packshot of Max Payne 3 that coming next Year.

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Quagmire2712d ago

Not the best, but looks alright.

LightofDarkness2712d ago

Ugh, at least try to keep some semblance of the original. Black and white, Rockstar, black and white...

Oldman1002712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Is the girl supposed to look like she's enjoying herself? Also it doesn't follow the black and white theme of the last two box arts.

Quagmire2712d ago

Im guessing its intentional. New developers, new setting, new time period, older Max Payne

heylo2712d ago

I know it's official artwork but it's vertically compressed to fit in the PS3 packshot layout

FunkMcnasty2712d ago

Is Max wiping his nose on his sleeve?