MSNBC Presents: The Best Sports Games of 2007

MSNBC writes, "One thing we like about sports games is their accessibility. While not everyone may know the rules, the game itself is familiar enough from real life encounters that anyone can grab a controller and play along (or at least give it their best try). And you don't need to sit through some long winded back-story in order to join in the fun."

"But before we could narrow down our list of the best sports games of the year, we had to define what a sports game was to us. We decided that it was a realistic representation of a real-world sport. For example, NASCAR 08 would be considered, while MotorStorm with its death-defying jumps and collisions would not (that's why we have a racing category)."

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picker3324929d ago

ehhhhh i hate sport games,Well exept driving games.

willud4skins4929d ago

for me the best sports game of the year was without question SKATE. but because of its mass appeal madden will most likely win.