Lol At Perfect Score In Game Reviews

Nosa of writes: Not trying to be sarcastic with the title, but of a truth it is laughable to see games getting perfect score only to find flaws of previously unimagined magnitude and a probable improvements on such games in their sequels.

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callahan092716d ago

So is this just a way of saying "Uncharted 3 is better than Uncharted 2, and game B being better than game A means game A can't be perfect"?

What's the point of over-analyzing the "perfect score"? A perfect score is not, should not be, and in my interpretation of the matter *never has and never will be* about the game being PERFECT. It's just the highest honor you can give, that's all it is. The reasons for giving the highest honor you can give are many and varied and depend on the reviewer and the game in question, but one thing is for certain: The highest possible score does not mean the game is considered "perfect". If we throw out the highest possible score by saying only a "perfect game" can achieve it, and no game is perfect, then what we've done in essence is make the SECOND HIGHEST score the NEW highest score. So really what's the difference?

If I've got a 5-star system, but I've resolved never to give anything 5-stars because nothing is perfect, then isn't my system in truth really just a 4-star system, since 4-stars is the highest score I'm ever going to give?

kosovo2716d ago

This guy is becoming very controversial, but m beginning to like him at least he has changed my prescription about Africa. I love this article, i always pass any review i see with a perfect score, because i just think the person will just give me all the lies and when i purchase the game, i will cry out ma wallet.. nice article... is this guy actually in Africa, his gramma is almost flawless .. good at least from a non-english person...