PS3 Owners Find Heavenly Sword Divine

For those who remember the initial reveal of of the PS3 at E3 2005, there were several game trailers that accompanied the announcement. These included Killzone 2, Motorstorm, Tekken 6 and a couple of titles that never made it past the concept stage. There was a lot of controversy surrounding some of these trailers due to perceptions about pre-rendered graphical quality, but while some titles haven't lived up to the level of visual splendor of that first glimpse, one title has actually exceeded its teaser trailer: Heavenly Sword.

September was a tough month to release in with Halo 3 dominating all, but Heavenly Sword did manage to crack the top ten, bringing PS3 owners a satisfying action game. According to the NPD, Heavenly Sword was the best selling PS3 game for the September period. The game even managed to crack the top 10 games of the month, coming in tenth place overall. In total, Heavenly Sword sold 139,000 units during September.

While the sales total itself does not appear that significant, at least compared to some other recent hits, Heavenly Sword's importance is emphasized when you compare its market performance to the results so far for dozens of other PS3 titles. Many PS3 exclusives, such as Ninja Gaiden Sigma, have found difficulty achieving a high level of sales success. While Heavenly Sword wasn't a break away hit, what it sold in a month dominated by Halo 3 is encouraging and a good building point for the PS3 library going forward.

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Bill Gates4922d ago

I'm certainly one of them.

sonyfanonly4922d ago

it is a good game and those who have played it knows that so until you play the game do not bash the game

lawman11084922d ago

On Ebay like I do with EVERY single PS3 game I have ever bought. Total of 4 BTW

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4922d ago

played the game 3 times, its that good.

wolfehound224922d ago

Played the game for the first time this weekend. Tried to spread it out over a couple days so I wouldn't beat it to fast. Took about 4 days 6 - 7 hours total. Not very long which I guess that would be my biggest complant along with many others. Still a great game and one of the best looking game.

dan03684922d ago

Its an amazing game that is worth being played through multiple times.

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The story is too old to be commented.