Abandon ship?

"A single loss could be described as unfortunate, but to lose several key studios looks careless or worse still, appears as if Microsoft is not committed to the long-term future of its Xbox gaming division."

The Age's technology reporter Jason Hill discusses Microsoft's loss of Bungie, BioWare and Bizarre, disastrous acquisition of Rare, and failure to secure sequels and exclusives.

"What are we to make of the recent developments? Could it be that Microsoft will no longer tolerate huge expenditure in the (generally unprofitable) Xbox division? Or is Microsoft simply so confident in its machine and future that it believes third-party support will keep its momentum going?"

The reporter asks for your thoughts on Screen Play.

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MK_Red4927d ago

BioWare was never a MS studio to begin with and MS never lost it. BioWare was independent from the beginning that later merged with Pandemic and now is part of EA.

But losing Bungie and Bizarre is kinda sad.

predator4927d ago

bizzare really wasnt a ms studio either, they just had contarct righst to make pgr games, nothing else.

ive been reading into this bungie thing and ms still own 49% of bungie, and have publishing rights to their games, so they havent lost anything there either.

so to be honest i dont think they have lost anything anyway.

MK_Red4927d ago

Thanks for the info. Not much has changed then.

I also don't think Rare's acquisition was bad. The problem lies with MS that released a great Rare game like Viva Pinata just when Gears of War came. They should have released the PC version back then.
If only Rare could make a new Golden Eye or Killer Instinct...

predator4927d ago

yes if rare make killer instinct or go back to basics for perfect dark 2 and release viva pinata 2 people would then see different of them, i for one love rare games, some of the best around

PS360WII4927d ago

I just don't think MS gives Rare the time they need. Rare is delay central but for all games that they released for MS have gone out the day MS wanted. None of the games Rare has made for MS seem like the attention to detail they are know for and I think it's cuz MS just doesn't give them the time of day. The other devs yea they never were part of MS to begin with so it's not a blow at all. They just are trying to rain on the parade basically. Sure those devs have games coming out on 360 but because they were bought by someone else it's MS's fault..?

WilliamRLBaker4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

is that people expect rare to put out games exactly like and or expand upon their eailier games when nearly every one involved with those games left rare long ago.

Golden eye all those peeps left and made free radical, the only people left behind are the peeps that made banjo kazooie and DK64.

and you all ready have a game deep seated in the roots of Banjo and thats kameo which was an awesome platformer.

KINGDRAMA4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

the underlying idea is the "commitment" msft has towards xbox.

any business will have a hard time staying committed to a annual billion dollar deficit.

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zonetrooper54927d ago

I think EA or Activision own the rights to the Bond games.

desolationstorm4927d ago

you are correct Activision does own the rights to bond at the moment. Why do you think we havent seen bond trash out for a little bit?

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4927d ago

microsoft ship sinking.....jack(bungie)! dont let go!!! damn you!!!!

jackdoe4927d ago

Bizarre and Bioware were never owned by MS. And the loss of Bungie isn't a loss at all. Bungie will still develop for MS and in everything by name is still owned by MS. MS will probably see a decline in the quality of first party titles though.

BubblesDAVERAGE4927d ago

Looking at console sales....they were at ten million last year and at 13.3 million now.....that 3.3 million in one year.......while ps3 has moved about 5 million and the wii has moved about 9 million...the xbox is in trouble the least you bots can do is see that sale figures are in your face....and you talk attach rate but truth be told is that its because system growth cant keep up with sales look at the attach rate of the ps2 and you will see what they will look like if your system is selling..

supaet4927d ago

your numbers are wrong.

andy0014927d ago

Between November 2005 and December 2006 Microsoft sold 10.4 million consoles, this was announced by BG himself.

VGchartz currently show the 360 as having 13.19 million consoles, meaning the 360 has sold 2.8 million consoles since January. They are VGchartz figures so this is not official.

The PS3 has sold 5.75 million consoles since November 2006, including a late release in the EU which lost them 4 months of sales.

It has to be said that these numbers aren't great for either console, considering the PS2 sold 120 million consoles in 7 years.

DZNetworks4927d ago

The xbox 360 sold ten million its first year.

tonsoffun4926d ago

I think you will find that they 'shipped' 10 million consoles, not sold.

We need to realise that.

Anyhoo, who really cares about which console sells the most? As long as the games are great and they make enough money to dev further games, then who cares which console shipped/sold 10million etc:

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