Heavenly Sword - Animation Film in Works, Rumor new Game

Loudly one entry in IMDB database Sony working on a animation film for Heavenly Sword that should appear 2012th.

Maybe also new game in development.

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Kurisu2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I wouldn't say no to a Heavenly Sword 2. The graphics were great back when it launched, I wonder what a new game further down the PS3 life cycle would look like! I wonder what part of the story the animation will follow?

aman84r2718d ago

I think if executed properly it could be a decent game but most likely to fail on a commercial level.

himdeel2718d ago

I'd ask that Sony Santa Monica make a new Heavenly Sword :)

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Me too.

For two reasons: after five chapters ( 2 on PS2/PS3, 1 on PS3 and 2 on PSP/PS3 ), I would like to see something different from GoW ( don' t get me wrong, I love the series, I consider GoW an AAA series ).

And I liked Heavenly Sword and I know that Santa Monica Studios can do a much better job than Ninja Theory.

FamilyGuy2717d ago

What's with all the negatives about it? It's ONLY issue was its length, everything else about it was good. Controls, graphics, enemy types, bosses, voice acting, soundtrack, overall entertainment.

CaptainMarvelQ82718d ago

Good thing it's animated,I don't want another Prince of Persia thing going on.Tomb Raider was one of the very few successful video game adaptions that worked,and they should stick to that.

Quagmire2718d ago

Well this wasnt what everyone was expecting, but its highly welcomed. I would like for Ninja Theory to make HS2, but due to their recent outbursts against sony, I very much doubt that.

Hopefully Santa Monica wasnt planning on doing anything, they could make an excellent sequel.

BluePumpkin72718d ago

if santa monica made HS2 i would be extremely happy DON'T LET NINJA THEORY COME NEAR IT!! it's their most succesful game and they fucking hate it -_-"

Peaceful_Jelly2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

true. LoL

HS has sold 1.5m while Enslaved hasn't even reached 500,000 and it's a multiplat tittle.

Quagmire2718d ago

Thats just sad. Without Ninja Theory we wouldnt even HAVE Heavenly Sword, regardless of their opinions. They made a quality title and it delivered, so I would personally like to see them make another one.

SilentNegotiator2718d ago

So what? Their latest game did nothing special gameplay-wise.

Rare(ware) once made amazing games, but today I wouldn't want them to go anywhere near some of the franchises they started in the 90s.

RE_L_MAYER2718d ago

wow Anime-should be interesting,sometimes i wish they wouldnt try to make a new game cause they can fuk it up but at least maybe they will bring.....wait they have to bring nariko back unless kai is in the whole game trying to find her hmmm that could get preety cool)))

aftrdark212718d ago

Maybe the movie is setting up for the sequel. Now that would be sweet!

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The story is too old to be commented.