New Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch Now Live

The latest patch for Activision and Treyarch’s phenomenally popular Call of Duty: Black Ops is now live and available for download on PlayStation 3. Known as Patch 1.13, the latest update is also intended to arrive on Xbox 360 and PC in the near future.

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Oldman1002718d ago

Is Patch Ops playable yet? Because im still waiting for that patch that allows it to run at a consistent 60fps without tearing like a pair of underwear. Last time i played it was when it was at 1.08. I'd download and try it for myself but my ps3 has been a yellow flashing paperweight for three months.

NuclearDuke2718d ago

I reach a consistent 100 FPS on PC at this moment.

crematory2718d ago

bubble for the good laugh

arjman2718d ago

Split screen lag is especially bad

armorki2718d ago

need to patch Host leaving - NO good host out of 18-22 players , LOL

FAGOL2718d ago

We just got Treyarched! I realised that the PS3 gamers don't get the "The Big Bang" Trophy/Achievement that 360 owners got wtf. It's bad enough that all their DLC has no gold trophies when it should because the 360 gets achievements worth 75G equivalent to a gold trophy on PS3.

This is bullshit.