Tales of Heroes for the PSP & Tales of Innocence R for Vita

Someone from Japan who regularly relays information from VJump issues reveals that the current issue has introduced TWO new games for the series. For now though, since there are still no concrete scans of this info, and as much as the source is a trusted one, we will place this as a rumor.


The domain actually exists in Namco Bandai's servers.

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Cloudberry2713d ago

It seems Bandai Namco Games would pull a "Graces f" for "Innocence R".

At least, I assume it would be a full fledged remake?

Canary2713d ago

It'd have to be. Don't know much about Tales of Innocence, but no matter whether or not it's 2D or 3D, it would have to be completely remade. If it's 3D, the models would be far too blocky on the Vita, and if it were 2D, the sprites would be displaying at something like 1/3rd the Vita's resolution, and would thus have to be redrawn.

Or they could just increase the size 50% and add a blur effect (like Disgaea 3).

Cloudberry2713d ago


I'm hoping them Bamco could remake them in some Vesperia / Xillia style.

They could do it with Vita capabilities in my opinion.

Canary2713d ago

Huh. Yeah. That's about Tierkreis' level... would even a simple high-resolution patch and retexture job would still look bad, given the simplicity of the models.

It would pretty much have to be a remake. Though I would expect something more along the lines of P3P--using 2D backgrounds and a zoomed out camera-angle so as many of the old 3D assets could be re-used as possible.

Peaceful_Jelly2713d ago

the old one for Vita and the new for PsP, shouldn't that be the other way around?

Canary2712d ago

Kinda like how the 3DS got a half-assed port of SMT: Devil Survivor, but the DS is getting Devil Surivor 2 this Winter?

Yeah, it's backwards, but it's nice to see software support for old platforms not suddenly dying, as has been the case with other (non-Sony) platforms.

SimpleSlave2713d ago

So how many copies of Enslaved do we have to buy to get Namco to localize these Tales games?


ZoidsRaven2712d ago

But I'm still waiting on Tales of Vesperia for my PS3.
In english... 7_7