Tiger woods franchise needs a rethink

8087h3d1n054ur from TecStories writes: This is not exactly news, mainly due to the fact that a golf game is not likely to be any good but its a slow news day so here we go.

Tiger woods 12 on the PC is so bad that EA has gone as far as offering a full refund for those who purchased the game.

To me it seemed pretty obvious to recall a game made on a computer that is basically the same as real life, but with worse graphics, less sun, and lower complexity, would not be that great an idea. :p

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Stuart57562716d ago

There's only so much to be done with Golf!

JsonHenry2716d ago

I want to play the version I saw on South Park.

Brawler2716d ago

I totally agree looks way more fun.

Relientk772716d ago

Lol his mouth, Nike owns it

Quagmire2715d ago

Lol his money, his Wife owns it.