Eurogamer Give Need For Speed ProStreet: 5\10

Driving games have done a lot of odd things over the years to get noticed. Mario Kart gave you shells to fire. MSR gave you points for losing traction. Ridge Racer let you drive sideways round corners. Need For Speed was, on and off, about running away from the law. This one isn't though - this one's about street racing kids going straight. Which is an apt description, since you basically can't steer.

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ENNO4928d ago

The best need for speed was hot persuit everyone just buys these games for acheivements!

Danja4928d ago

I agree NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 was the last great game in the series...

MK_Red4928d ago

LOL, from high scores of TeamXbox and GamePro's 9 (4.5/5) to 5/10 of Eurogamer, next-gen games are getting really mixed reactions.

predator4928d ago

i said it once and ill say it again: This has been one wierd ass week for review scores.

picker3324928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

In graphic this nfs is the worst of them i think.
Anyway i don't really care becouse nfs is out,The 1st nfs was the best or the sec.
Plus too many better driving games coming,not maby this year?But it's almost just one month left so...
Well exemple burnout paradise & Granturismo 5,so just forget this game and move on with our patethic life's as a gamer!

TheExecutive4928d ago

but according to gamepro need for speed is better than Uncharted!...

SabreMan4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

in reality it doesn't mean that at all, different genre so a game scoring more than another in a different genre shouldn't be used to gauge how good a game is.

i have never known games scores be so wildly different from so called industry experts as they are this generation, it's bordering on the ridiculous. we all have to take reviews these days with a large pinch of salt at the end of the day review scores don't usually reflect a games quality just how a certain reviewer perceives them.

however i must say imo some reviews are terrible, undeniably biased and very very inconsistent, very few reviews sites are credible sources these days

regarding Pro Street i have played the demo and was very underwhelmed by it, the handling was poor even if the game itself looks like it may have a few good ideas.

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The story is too old to be commented.