Crysis 2 Mod "Continuum" - CryEngine 3 Graphics with Stargate and Half-Life Story

A new impressive Crysis 2 mod is on its way. Continuum is a singleplayer mod that utilizes CryEngine 3 graphics and comes with a promissing story. Check the infos and first impressive screenshots after the jump.

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outwar60102716d ago

arrgghh im going to buy crysis just for this mod i love stargate!! can anyone tell me if i can use my wired 360 pad for this game

Fishy Fingers2716d ago

Yep, should be able to use wired 360 pad, or DS3 using motionjoy.

rfowler302716d ago

glad to see more crysis 2 mods, although in my opinion very few of the "good mods" for games currently being developed have yet to be released, this is a generalization for the mod community not at stab at crysis 2, "cough black mesa source cough".