Monster Hunter 4 3DS Trailer Analyzed for New Features writes:

The surprise bombshell at Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference today came as quite a shock to many. Despite having just announced Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS, an expanded version of the Wii’s Monster Hunter Tri, they dropped a trailer for Monster Hunter 4.

While it’s still unclear whether or not the game will also appear on other platforms, the trailer had a lot to analyze. While running away from a Tigrix, a hunter is seen jumping (gasp!) to various rock structures before they’re smashed to bits, not just landing on top, but clinging to sides from a jump as well. And just when things get really vertical, you can see the Tigrix climb the side of the rock face in pursuit of the hunter.

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xX-Jak-Xx2717d ago

3DS will have 3 Monster hunter games ?????
MH Tri
MH 4
?? wow thats alot
Capcom save your idea for MH vita at least its not region locked

Rokaz2717d ago

holy shit! MH4?! MH+God of War?! this keep getting better and better!!
just like you did MHP3 in PS3!! so nobody complaining :D