The Top 7… historically inaccurate historical games

History and videogames have been intertwined since at least the early ‘80s, but at best it’s been a shaky relationship. Until fairly recently, concepts like “realism” and “accuracy” weren’t often a consideration, and they tended to be thrown out the window if a cool explosion or giant monster was judged more beneficial to gameplay. As technology has progressed, however, more of these games have been trying hard to be true to their historical roots – and, predictably, a lot of them don’t do so well.

For the sake of conciseness, Gamesradar is not going to pick on games that take creative license to the point of being obviously inaccurate – so Genji: Days of the Blade’s giant crabs and demon-powered villains are out, as are clear alternate histories, like those in Resistance: Fall of Man, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and any game that guessed at the future (i.e. Street Fighter 2010) and got it wrong.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2713d ago

I'd throw Resistance in there, though in it's case it's done on purpose as an alternate history. The things they changed about history are pretty interesting though.

iamnsuperman2713d ago

AC spoiler warning
AC doesn't do too bad to have a factual world but weave in a fictional story. At the end of ACB what happened to Cesare well happened except for no account of an assassin.

I think you can lay of Robin Hood: defender of the crown as the story of robin hood is fiction and could be multiple people

The Matrix2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Yeah and what is an overarching theme in Assassin's Creed? That history is actually a cleverly crafted lie. So these people that talk about "history" like it is some solid, factual thing, it isn't.

I also just reminded myself of an exchange from AC 1: Dr. Vidic states something about history being inaccurate. Desmond: "But there are books, written evidence..." Vidic: "Anyone can write a book Mr. Miles, and they can put whatever they want in it."

Quagmire2713d ago

Very intriguing stuff, indeed. Plus the whole comparison between the video game Assassin's and the real life Hashassins might no be too dissimilar. I mean, who's to say the Assassins in the video game are the good side? What if we actually find out that, much like the revelation of Altair's mentor, the entire Assassin groups are working for the bad side, but they just dont know it yet. I have speculation to believe so. I mean, why else did BROTHERHOOD SPOILER.....Desmond stab Lucy?

Eamon2713d ago

Desmond didn't stab Lucy by his own will. He was controlled by Juno. We have no idea why she considered Lucy a threat. A popular theory stems back to Subject 16's message in Brotherhood mentioning something abou "Eve" and Desmond's "son." There were definitely some sort of chemistry going on between Desmond and Lucy during Brotherhood and perhaps Juno wanted to prevent this so Desmond would mate with this "Eve" ?

Perhaps the twist here is that we're actually seeing Desmond's memories via his son in an animus?

wallis2713d ago

Call of duty 2 simply because it seemed to think the entire British army was made up of people exclusively from the east end of London. Also 3/4 of all SAS members legally HAVE to be Scottish.

To be fair I actually think movies are worse for this one. In a game everything has to be built from the ground up and the idea is to throw you into a living "world" so what would be the point of not doing the appropriate research. Movies on the other hand have to make things palpable - hence why 300 totally left out the whole having sex with little boys and why Alexander made Alexander a wee bit curious instead of actually gay.

kramun2713d ago

'Also 3/4 of all SAS members legally HAVE to be Scottish. '

Where did you hear this?

BigBoss072713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

The movie "300" is based off of a historically inspired comic written by Frank Miller(man who wrote "Sin City" as well) in 1998. It was never meant to be historically accurate as there where also some believed 7000 greeks including the 300 spartans at the real Battle of Thermopylae.

Eamon2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Perhaps the author of this article is forgetting that the stories in these games are fiction?

To say call a made up story in a videogame "historically inaccurate" sounds very immature. Of course it's not real because it was supposed to be fake.

To list Assassin's Creed there saying it's historically inaccurate is about as smart as listing Ingourious Basterds on the complaint that Hitler gets killed in the film when it was done so on purpose.
Any person who's read a history book or even wikipedia knows that the Assassins or "Hashashin" were not depicted accurately in Assassin's Creed on purpose. The Hashashin were called that due to their constant use of Hashish. They followed Naziri Ismaili sect of Shia Islam however the Assassins in Assassin's Creed were notably athiest or at least did not follow any religion. Altair was definitely athiest.

Since Assassin's Creed is supposed to be a fictional story set in historical periods, the developers have tried to keep the story synonymous with real historical events. Almost the major targets you kill in Assassin's Creed were real people. For example, Robert de Sable was a real life grand master of the Templar Order. Rodrigo "Spaniard" Borgia (Pope Alexander VI) was also a real life person and was recorded to have died of poisoning in history. We see him die from a poisoned apple in ACB. And his bastard son Cezare Borgia was also a real person and died in almost the exact way shown at the end of Brotherhood. He had died in the battle of Viana apparently by falling to his death.

FAGOL2713d ago

Assassins Creeds historical references are truly amazing. And I agree it obviously is fake but what Ubisoft has done is make sense of it all which is remarkable. The people who created this story and researched this history have done an excellent job.

TheRichterBelmont2713d ago

Three Words. Giant Enemy Crab.

Nate-Dog2713d ago

I love you for reminding me of this again.

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