Nintendo 3DS Conference 9/12/11 | New Luigis Mansion 2 Trailer

Check out the newest trailer for the upcoming sequel to the hit gamecube title, Luigis Mansion.

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ShamefulDispray2718d ago

Really? A game staring Luigi? It's this some kind of Resident Evil rip off? LAME. At least try to be original Nintendo, more like SONY.

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CaptainMarvelQ82718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

This is a sequel,and the first one was great. So how about you two stop giving each other Blowjob's and move along

just_looken2718d ago

yes this is number #2 but Nintendo needs to stop making n64 remakes and reusing the same dam characters its getting beyond bland and boring.

CaptainMarvelQ82718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

actually the first one was one the gamecube.Secondly, why are you complaining about this?! at least this is one of the few moves that Nintendo has done to expand on the old sidescrolling Mario/Luigi formula and bring something new and different.So this is something you guys should be positive about

I don't even have a 3DS but im defending this because i remember the game on the gamecube and it's MUCH better than most of the other games.

zerocrossing2717d ago

Wow! Seriously? O.o You never heard of Luigis mansion on the Gamecube? That game was a massive success and this sequel has been highly anticipated.

Really not sure if you're trolling or just grossly misinformed.

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dontbhatin2718d ago

it pisses me off how they turned a great console game into a handheld. i don't understand why they wouldn't make this for the wii. that would make me buy a wii just for that game.

digitaledge2718d ago

Looking forward to this game. The original was really good. Yes, it was short, but it had a charm that you can only really get from Nintendo. It looked great, and it played great.

I want more of the same from this game, but a bit more length to it, and from the looks of the trailer, it retains the wee touches and humour that made the original great.

WhiteLightning2717d ago

Should of been a console title instead

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