Mario Kart 7 To Feature 8-Player Online Multiplayer, Gyro controls, And Friend List Connectivity

Mario Kart 7 Features 8-Player Online Multiplayer, Gyro controls, And More

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Apex132718d ago

seems like the DS PSP fight again but once again Nintendo is killing em. Its going to be a long winter with such games whoooo

ShamefulDispray2718d ago

Mario Kart 7...7...7 LOOK IT PRINTS MONEY! Seriously? It's the 7th Mario Kart game? I mean the first few were fun, but now it's the same thing again & again. REHASH. I'd save my money for the new Call of Duty.

BiggCMan2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

There's some serious irony going on in that comment.

EDIT: @plmkoh, yea he could have been, I didn't catch that.

plmkoh2718d ago


Obviously he was being sarcastic, right?

--Onilink--2718d ago


really? you complain that its the 7th mario kart across 11 nintendo consoles but you say you would wait for the new COD is not the most liked franchise this gen...

How about you go and check just how many COD games have been released over the past 2 generations and compare that to the amount of mario kart games

2718d ago
Theyellowflash302718d ago

LOL- You said Mario Kart is a rehash then you say you would buy COD that comes out EVERY Year? LOL
Nice one ShamefulDispray nice one

eagle212718d ago

crash is dead...fuck

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Lf_sIcKmAn2718d ago

Nintendo has not killed anyone yet... the Vita isnt even out yet... and it DOES have some very nice games coming... Nintendo really needs to step their game up, and this is coming from a Nintendo fan.

Ps3 and Wii for me until the 3ds redesign so far...

ShamefulDispray2718d ago

What makes you believe there is a redesign? Because Capcom is releasing a peripheral that has a second analog stick for Monster Hunter? Get Real.

just_looken2718d ago

exactly we also never seen the devs side outside of the copy paste same Nintendo crap. I can see alot of devs favoring the vita because the controls are like a gamepad easy porting and game making sense sony worked with devs this time.

badz1492718d ago

well...that's the only thing they have in their arsenal just like Activision with CoD! milk away...

Lf_sIcKmAn2718d ago

Excellent! although im not sure if i should wait for the eventual redesign... :o

kma2k2718d ago

Other thank Final Fantasy what game is there that is number 7? Serisouly?

HawtSkull2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Street fighter alpha
SF Alpha 2
SF alpha 3
and there are still like 3 SF EX games right.

There are 5 God of War games in two gens
3 Uncharted games in 1 gen
Mario Kart has been around for 4 gens and they release 1 for home consoles and 1 for handhelds

ShamefulDispray2718d ago

Well at least Street Fighter adds new characters, stages, features, and has better graphics. Unlike Mario Kart which is just repackaged each generation with Nintendo knowing that their loyal fans will buy it regardless.

HawtSkull2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

mario kart adds new characters,stages and features for each version are you retarded

(i welcome disagrees because you cant refute my statement XD WINNING)(to bad the opposition are morons but still WINNING)

mcstorm2718d ago

Wow alot of hate for Mario kart here. Mario kart is the only fun jarring game that gets it right each Gen. Its always fun and one of the best mp games from she's to Wii. They have tried different things like double dash and motion control.
There have been alot of games like ctr bump n burn street racer sonic all star racing and mod nation racers.yet all gooin on there own way none of them offer the same amount of fun quick loading or better mp than Mario kart. Mario kart only ever has one game per each console which is unlike alot of games and Mario kart is the gt of its type of game.

Anyway back to this post I can't wait for this game the 3ds is getting a massive boost of games now and this is going to help it get the edge over the psv and make it the best selling console this Christmas

jacen1002718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

gotta love mario kart, i also think there will be a new ds design in the near future perhaps into the new year, also why did they not show the addon cradle with the second cicrle pad? , makes me think even more there is a redesign around the corner they will wait till after the xmas buying buzz now that some great titles are gonna be out in time for the holiday season and is realy gonna help them shift serious numbers no doubt

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