Over 4 minutes of direct-feed Zelda: Skyward Sword footage

Check out over 4 minutes of direct-feed Zelda: Skyward Sword footage.

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aviator1892715d ago

Damn, this looks pretty epic. The flying should add an awesome alternative to horse-riding and I can't wait for some sky battles.

dark-hollow2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

wow even tho the wii is the weakest of the three systems, the art style in this game makes it look a lot better than some HD games with their grays and browns.

2715d ago
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

to Cliff_BleSHITski, jokes sometimes don't go over well in text. that is a joke right. or atleast one that you say isn't but inside you think it's funny that everybody believed you.

if none of the above... may you have mercy on your soul. and i bet you played or saw a poor representation of a ps3 game and then decided it was enough to convince yourself that your wii was the best console once again.

seriously, watch this, in hd. (related video)

and in other things, cool footage.

--Onilink--2715d ago


Please tell me thats sarcasm... Because if its not, you are an embarrasment even to Nintendo fanboys like myself. I have no need to make stuff like the PS3 being weaker than the Wii to show how much i enjoy the Wii.

Same as i could say why i enjoy my PS3 or 360.

ShamefulDispray2715d ago

WTF is this crap? It's looks like a freaking cartoon!? How am I supposed to get attached to characters that don't look lifelike? And LOL at the WAGGLE TO WIN xDD, that's what you get for owning a "Console" (If you can call it that) that doesn't have buttons.

--Onilink--2715d ago

i could swear the wii mote + nunchuk has 8 buttons... kinda like you know, ps3, 360... maybe if you actually knew what you are talking about your comments would make more sense

Mario4life2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Those Graphics look great along with the gameplay

silkrevolver2715d ago

Great footage, but this video player is gaaaaaarrrrbage.

lastdual2715d ago

Nice. A ton of actually new footage. The variety of environments looks great!

With this, Dark Souls and Skyrim, the end of 2011 will be amazing for action-RPG fans.

clevernickname2715d ago

"Direct feed"? Direct from what, my ass? Thankfully you can make out enough detail to see that there is a lot to be excited about.

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