6 Divas Left To Be Revealed In WWE '12

THQ has yet to officially reveal the 14 remaining wrestlers that will feature in WWE '12. THQ did reveal that 6 of the remaining 14 will be Divas (women wrestlers).

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topgun332714d ago

My 6 will be: 1) Brie Bella, 2) Nikki Bella, 3) Maryse, and then I hope they go Attitute era divas 4) Lita, 5) Trish and 6) Sable

zu4G2713d ago

4 new character profiles will reveal today!!
along with Updates on Orton and Miz Entrances today!! stay tuned @

aman84r2713d ago

Whats the point of having divas when there are not much options available to them.