Monster Hunter 3DS Confirmed

It used to be a rumor but it has pretty much been confirmed. Monster Hunter will be making a trip to the 3DS. From the looks of it, Capcom has had a lot of gameplay already in its possession, and it is being replayed at Nintendo’s 3DS Conference. It looks like Capcom is doing something right again, which is something I have not been able to say for a while. Yay Capcom, hopefully we can build up some interest in this game on the 3DS!

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dedicatedtogamers2716d ago

It's a port of Monster Hunter Tri from the Wii. If you've played MHP3rd on PSP, then you've already seen 80% of the content of this game, fyi.

smilydude132716d ago

Well, I guess it's a good thing they seem to be getting Monster Hunter 4 exclusively for the time being.

dedicatedtogamers2716d ago

Exclusively...according to what? For all we know (since no date was given in the trailer) the 3DS and Vita version (if there is one) could be launching on the same day.

Let's not jump to conclusions. This is like the Metal Gear Rising trailer shown at the Microsoft conference...and then everyone found out it was multiplat.

ShamefulDispray2716d ago

And you'll never see this outside of Japan. Even with the great sales of Tri, Crapcom doesn't want anyone's money that isn't from their glorious "Nippon".

MoXxXi2716d ago

Regardless, its for the 3DS now. I feel like they can make it kinda cool and I mean, now you can do all of it portable. Grind on the Go. Get some excercise Lol

Otheros002716d ago

OLD!! This game was confirmed months before tgs.

Mario4life2716d ago

lol so was the boat, but we didnt see it here js