Monster Hunter 4 announced

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter 4, a second Monster Hunter game for 3DS.

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-Alpha4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

This is major news... right? I hear this franchise is big in Japan, isn't a Monster Hunter game best selling on the PSP?

MattyF4166d ago

One could make the argument Monster Hunter in Japan is what Call of Duty is in America.

-Alpha4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

Wow, really?

And who was that weird Japanese Dora the Explorer? I hear that chick is big in Japan too? Seems like the 3DS is going to do pretty damn well in Japan even past the usual suspects. I was pretty uninterested in anything I did not immediately know though.

But new Fire Emblem game!

Lionalliance4166d ago

That's really a great way to describe it, kudos to ya sir.

Nitrowolf24166d ago

MH is COD huge.
I only wished Capcom would finally make a real next gen MH game. Glad MH3 is coming to PS3 and all, but still.

Apex134165d ago

this game is prob one of the only and biggest reasons the psp sold in asia

narutogameking4165d ago

Its the reason it kept selling.

golsilva4166d ago

big news cant wait for sony conference. also the article doesnt mention whether mh4 is exclusive to 3ds so it may be mulitplat, which is pretty weird in the portable space at least in japan. Still big coup for nintendo

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DragonKnight4166d ago

In what way my good Naruto fan? Megaton implies that this news shakes the foundation of gaming, and I don't see that happening what with Capcom basically admitting that they don't care enough about Monster Hunter to even try to make it big outside of Japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.