New Trailer for Skyward Sword from Nintendo press conference

GamerFitNation Writes about the new Skyward Sword Trailer. "They have just shown off a new trailer for Skyward Sword. This trailer looks pretty glorius and even though the quality isn’t that good, I think we can all appreciate it."

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Mario4life2713d ago

its kinda meh to me there should have been more to it imo

ShamefulDispray2713d ago

HOLY %$^# LOOK AT THOSE GRAFHHIX! I mean gameplay is way more better than graphix, but dang! This looks like a PS3 game! Can't believe it's being run on a Wii, and to think it's in game!

--Onilink--2713d ago

the actual conference showed like 5min of pure gameplay footage which looked awesome

Mario4life2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

i was gonna say i was following ign's live chat for the conference and it did sound like there should have been more to this video

Micro_Sony2713d ago

Link is so bad a$$! going to miss Epona :(

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