Minecraft Monday (09-12-11) | That Gamer Hub

"This weeks Minecraft Monday was set to be focused on beta 1.8 anticipated release. Sadly, they never managed to hit their Thursday deadline (it was only an estimated goal, after all).
The week started strong, however, with Jens updating twitter regularly on his progress towards the release date, dishing out information along the way."

-Spence from That Gamer Hub

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Canary2713d ago

I don't really see the appeal of minecraft.

Sure, you can build big environments... but the look terrible. Sure, it may be a bit more tedious, but I have a lot more fun building stuff with Google SketchUp.

bozebo2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

It isn't really about making stuff. But that is one of the really fun parts (especially in multiplayer, people set up their own MMO servers for the game with loads of players making cities, towns and other fun stuff like giant memes/canals/sky fortresses).

Also, the 1.8 update makes a huge improvement to the combat. Allowing for a lot of PvP fun.

Obviously single player gets boring fairly fast.