Family Ski first third party Wii title to use Balance Board

When Nintendo first announced Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board accessory at this year's new-look E3, reports suggested that third parties (gaming and non-gaming) were clambering over the device with ideas of how to use it in upcoming titles. However, no word of this has been mentioned since - until now. Namco's Family Ski will be playable with the weight-scales-alike accessory.

The discovery was made in a scan for the title in which the Wii Balance Board is clearly pictured. Skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding titles are amongst the first ideas that spring to mind when wanting to incorporate the Wii Balance Board into games, so Nintendic isn't too surprised at the revelation - very good news, though.

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Baddo_Ekkusuchi4924d ago

another gimmick but will sell nontheless. count me in wiifit!

scarlett_rg4924d ago

It's not a "gimmick". Neither is the Wii Remote, neither is the EyeToy.

Gimmicks are things like Pet Rocks; Clocks that project the time onto the wall; and Creamsicle scented Sunscreen.

scarlett_rg4924d ago

That's pretty cool.

If I was a developer, I would absolutely be drooling over the possibilities of incorporating the Balance Board into various aspects games!

I hope many other companies utilize this as another great control interface. We should see some killer stuff coming out in 2008/09.

IntelligentAj4924d ago

You've got be kidding me...

PS360WII4924d ago

Sweet deal. I knew someone out there would make a game with the balance board. Hopefully more will come ^^

Darkiewonder4924d ago

The Jump ski that comes bundled with Wii Fit but making it a full fledge game ;O

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