Will CS:GO bring the CS 1.6 and CS Source Community Together?

Coutner Strike Radio looks at some interesting points in regards to Counter Strike Global Offensive. It's not only merging the CS Source and CS 1.6 communities to the new Counter Strike Global Offensive, it's also merging the age groups and console / pc community

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tdrules2716d ago

1.6 players demand more realism and responsive controls.
Source players want more of the same.

GO is a lot different than either with weird controls and molotovs...

Vitalogy2716d ago

I was thinking exactly the same. Lots of 1.6 players didn't moved to source because the only difference was basically the graphics and even that not a big deal, in fact I like better the 1.6 maps than source and I'm a source player.

After all this years, they should of know better and done better.

F7-2716d ago

That's right. 1.6 is about skill and physics, Source about graphics. Source is good for random headshots during running, this game is for children. And CS:GO looks like mixture of CS:S and these days CoD = kindergarten playground.

stevenhiggster2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Not likely, if people have stuck with 1.6 this long they are unlikely to change now.

GO looks ok but it is clearly geared more for the consoles than PC, have you seen the gameplay vids? That equipment buying wheel is hideous.

I can't play CS anymore anyway, if you stop playing it you can't go back. People who play it are like jedi's, console players are in for a rude awakening if there really is cross platform play.

TheIneffableBob2716d ago

PC version will not have the buying wheel.

I've actually gotten back into CS:S after a couple years of not playing. It's still a really fun game.

stevenhiggster2716d ago

You sure? Cause the gameplay footage I saw was from the PC version.

I could get back into it, it's just nuts if you haven't played it in a long time I used to be great at it! I played it the other night and got 4 kills in a whole match, (fair enough I didn't have many deaths either though which in the real world is more important lol). I honestly do think some of the hardcore players are Jedi lol.

TheIneffableBob2716d ago

Yeah, Valve said they're going to design a new PC-centric interface. The wheel is just for the consoles.

FlashXIII2716d ago

CS Go looks like a dumbed down version of both games so no, it won't be bringing in the 1.6 players.

TheIneffableBob2716d ago

Valve is bringing in both Source and 1.6 pro players to help balance and tweak the game. They know they can't cater to both casuals and the hardcore with the same exact game so that's why they made a Casual mode and Competitive mode.

Hufandpuf2716d ago

I don't think GO is going to last long. They should have just updated the game to the Portal 2 source engine.

tsn2716d ago

I think CS:GO will appeal to casuals CS:GO isn't even CS anymore looks like its going to be CoD.. CS:GO will probably be the most successful Counter-Strike sales wise in a short time.

My exp playing CS1.6 for 6 years at a high level for 3 years.

And source on and off but that game doesnt come close to 1.6.

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