Dead Island’s Game-breaking Bug

One IGN Editor is trying to enjoy Dead Island, but the game isn’t making it easy

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bozebo2713d ago

Same thing happened to me. But, luckily I also happen to have Deus Ex to play!

jeseth2713d ago

Can't believe the scores this game is getting with all the evident bugs.

Shows how unreliable gaming journalism is. Games with HALF the amount of bugs as Dead Island get lamb-basted and ripped apart...Dead Island gets 8's and 9's.

I call BS.

AntoineDcoolette2713d ago

What did you do, read 2 reviews? The game is getting mixed reviews the lowest I've seen is a 3/10 from edge but I've seen plenty of 5s 6s etc

KingSlayer2713d ago

Giant Bomb gave it a 4/5. IGN gave it an 8. The game is a 5.

jeseth2713d ago

i have seen plenty of reviews on this very site. I see tons of 8's and 9's.

I even bought Dead Island on Friday (Got a Special Edition at Gamestop because someone didn't pick up their pre-order). I like it and really want to love it but the rookie mistakes made on this game are just sad.

Oh well...the CGI trailer was their nail in the coffin. This game could never have lived up to its trailer.

Vortex3D2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Yeap. Bad game design, poor gameplay, poor story, etc get low game rating. But being very buggy doesn't effect the game rating.

Is this how we expect games today? It's okay to be buggy and broken on the release because we can't wait to play the game in any condition and hope it gets fixed later.

Condition of game bugs on the release needs to be part of the game rating. Game developer and publisher that decide to sell first and fix later need to be rated as part of the review to ensure quality control is still there.

MysticStrummer2713d ago

I definitely think it's been reviewed too high. 5/10 from me. I was giving it a 6.5/10 before the patch, but incredibly the patch made it worse.

bigevilworldwide2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Because no game has ever been just as bad if not worse, certainly not fallout 3 or fallout new vegas or borderlands oh yeah or elder scrolls.Right how dare anyone release a game with bugs, its totally never been done before.

iamnsuperman2713d ago

I know gametrailers said they had bug problems but they made it aware that they were told these would be fixed with a day one bug. On the invisible walls they mentioned should they just ignore it or include it but mention a possible patch. They went with the later

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M_Prime2713d ago

i have been playing DEUS EX and only popped Dead Island in for a quick try.. besides Deus Ex was out longer.. and so much more polished..

though Dead Island was the same guys who made CALL OF JUAREZ.. THE CARTELL which i finished (only with 1 character, had no ambition to play again as someone else, not even for 50 Gamerscore) and that game had a lack of polish. this one will be the same thing, even in the 20 mins i played i noticed graphical glitches.. i just think they went BIG on a low budget and in the end we will suffer, it is fun so far but definitely not the game it could be..

still have to finish DUES EX.. and DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO.. which is actually a ton of FUN!

SuperBeast8112713d ago

why doesnt he just join a co-op game there fixed.....

MysticStrummer2713d ago

Nothing's fixed as far as I can tell.

SuperBeast8112713d ago

he can then jump into someone elses game at a different location... then hes out of the house ...........fixed

BattleTorn2713d ago

The game has flaws. (so did Fallout)
And it's still great.

Most of the people raving over how good it is have had the fortune to see what a great game and concept lies within this flawed title.

Most the flaws I've seen so far are momentary visual. I personally havent encountered anything game-breaking.

FYI, due to mobile I haven't yet watched he video of said game-breaking bug

-MD-2713d ago

Best co-op experience in a long time.

MysticStrummer2713d ago

This game is so frustrating. I can see the good game underneath the bugs, but they ruin the experience for me. I'm still losing at least a little progress just about every time I load my game. The worst instance of that was about four hours of progress lost, but I've lost over an hour five times now. I've gotten into the habit of loading my game back up right after I quit so I can mentally prepare myself for the lost time. I did that just now, so I know already when I load my game back up I'll be about an hour behind where I should be if the game autosaved properly. I lost another good weapon today into thin air today also. I'd say please hurry with the patches... but the last patch made things worse, which I didn't think was even possible. Buggiest game I've ever played by far. This is the PS3 version I'm talking about.

Angrymorgan2713d ago

I've never had that with my ps3 copy, when I'm ready to quit I run to a different area tho, and only turn off once I've seen the auto save icon flashing in the top right corner

bigevilworldwide2713d ago

Same thing for me never had that or any issues really with the ps3 version. I think some of these people are just jumping on the band wagon

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