The Real Cost of The Used Market

Publishers have, of late, taken various measures to regain some of the money lost to the growing used-game market - initiatives like EA's Project Ten Dollar or Ubisoft's Uplay. Speaking to (via Eurogamer), Guillaume de Fondaumiere co-founder of Quantic Dream said, "We basically sold to date approximately two million units. We know from the Trophy system that probably more than three million people bought this game and played it.

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dark-hollow2721d ago

so used sales hurt those developers?

you know whats funny? look at who uses those passes.

ubisoft, EA, sony etc. they all are multi-billion dollars companies! and most of their published games sold millions!

if it was the case with small studio who needs every help they could get, then it MAY be understandable,

but EA and the others??? they just want every nickle and dime from us.