Keiichiro Toyama talks about Gravity Rush

PlayStation Hong Kong published a nearly nine-minute video demonstration of the game Gravity Rush along with commentary by game director Keiichiro Toyama.

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NukaCola2713d ago

Wow did you see that at 6mins 58secs? The comic book style is cool, but he used to gyro to literally view the image of the screen in full 3D space. It's depth 3D on a 2D picture, in 2D itself. Really cool effect and opens up some good ideas about 3D space on a gamesystem not using 3D. This is so damn awesome!

Corax2713d ago

Can't wait to pick up both.

Inception2713d ago

The girl that play vita <3 <3 <3

OT, this game is from the creator of Silent Hill & Siren so it's really interesting to see what Toyama-san did for Gravity Rush :)

tiffac0082711d ago

Err... I mean this game will be one of the reasons I'm getting a PSV. :3

Inception2711d ago

maybe sony will bundled this game with that girl hehe xD

Yeah, gravity rush, UC: GA, escape plan, and dragon's crown are the reason why i will pick vita

But since yesterday, i lost track how many game i will buy for vita xD
There's Ys IV remake, Tales of Innocence R, Persona 4 Golden, etc etc

tiffac0082711d ago

I hope Bamco localize that baby too :3

But I don't think Sony will bundle that pretty babe, that sounds illegal. XD

UltimateIdiot9112713d ago

If I buy the Vita and the game, does it come with the girl playing the game?

Ah regardless, this game is on my list.

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The story is too old to be commented.