1up: Why Japanese Games Are Breaking Up With The West

1up writes: "Critics in the west have been crowing about the supposed death of the Japanese industry for years. And while their critiques have a certain degree of truth to them, they're missing the point. Japanese game development did run into trouble during this console generation, but their issues are so removed from the average gamer's experience (workforce and labor management) as to be meaningless."

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ForROME2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I dont agree, more than ever Japanese are making western like games and taking risks they never took before. I think this article is written like a burnt RPG fan

Kojima backs this up time and time again - that its time for them to break out of their shell

They are still creating what they do best however; along with that they are trying all kinds of new directions they want to sell more games, who doesn't thats the point of their business

Square is a huge example they realize their current formulas arent working, re doing name branding and pushing market analytics to find out what people want from all sides

Army_of_Darkness2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

square is a huge FAILED example of how not to westernize your Japanese games. what we want is something in the lines of chrono trigger/ cross, Final Fantasy 3,FF7,FF8, FFX and FF tactics and that hidden gem they made Einhander:)

They just need to get back to their roots and stop letting these western FPS's push them around. Games don't only revolve around that genre.

evrfighter2713d ago

Kojima? Really?

The guy is milking metal gear for all its worth

The west is moving on to new ips and hes stuck in the past. Carmack is back with a vengeance. Newell is changing the industry.

Hes been nothing but a one trick pony this gen. I guarantee his first title on fox engine is yet another metal gear.

bozebo2713d ago

Kojima is still making games with the same flavour that he made them in the past, and that is why they are still popular worldwide.

Square-Enix are being idiots and ruining their titles for no particular reason.

Lost Odyssey is a great JRPG but it is ruined by being owned by Microsoft when it should be multiplat (Unreal Engine) so it didn't sell as explosively as it would have if it was also on PS3.

Nintendo's first party titles are still enjoyed worldwide but the Wii isn't the most popular platform for the same gamers who liked their older games.

But anyway, the Japanese games industry is doing fine overall, its just Square-Enix that have messed up (to be fair, some of their best employees left after making FFX to eventually set up Mistwalker)

specialguest2713d ago

Vanquish is a good example of a Japanese game that could appeal to the west yet still retain a distinct Japanese style. The only thing missing from the game that could have helped in major sales was online multiplayer mode. With proper maps that suit the fast pace style of the game, online multiplayer would have been crazy.

Raven_Nomad2713d ago

Japanese games suck something awful... Japanamation is some of the worst crap I've ever seen in my life as well.

Hicken2713d ago

I guess it's a good thing nobody asked for your opinion on the subject.

Also, it's called anime. It's been that for decades.

Neko6082713d ago

I think part of it has to do with the fact that US/EU audiences don't particularly care for characters that look and dress like 12 year old prostitutes.

TBM2713d ago

im american and i prefer japanese anime to american cartoons, and i definitely enjoy japanese style characters to western style (excluding drake)

VampiricDragon2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This article is pretty good.

It doesnt hate, and its objective. Unlike comments on n4g.

Some japanese games are great. Some western games are great. Somes japanese games are horrible. And some western games are horrible. Some innovate and some dont.

In the west consoles are more popular. In japan, handhelds.
But developers from both regions do games for both and are fine

Mario4life2713d ago

Japanese games are aliver and well on the portable, but on the console front they could do better but there is a lot of gems

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