New Batman: Arkham City Character to be Announced Thursday

Tweet from Arkhamcitynews says that there will be a new character announced for Batman: Arkham City on Thursday

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Optical_Matrix2716d ago

I think, Rocksteady is revealing far too much of this game. Maybe it's just me. But will anything be a surprise? I'm looking forward to it none the less. Will finish off Arkham Asylum tomorrow. Brilliant game. Just wish it were longer and Arkham City seems to remedy that nicely.

BiggCMan2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I agree, they are revealing way to much, there's no freaking surprises any more. Just imagine how much more awesome this game would have been if everyone found out on there own that Mr. Freeze was in it, and Two Face, and Penguin etc.. Also, one other point i'd like to bring up, I don't particularly like all of these huge Batman characters in one game. I have a sense that this game will be very convoluted with the story, very similar to how Spider Man 3 the movie was. There was just to many story paths, to much confusion and mediocrity, just not enough time for all of the characters to develop, I can see this game going the same way. Perhaps i'm the only one, as everyone else seems to be extremely psyched for the game, but I think the success of the first game kind of messed with their heads a little, and it just wont't be the same.

egidem2716d ago

Precisely! Finding out that Mr. Freeze was actually in the game got me excited. But I would have left this for a surprise.

There is quite a lot, A LOT of content in the Batman Universe and these guys have no shortage of great material to work on. I too feel like they are revealing a bit too much.

Nevertheless I bought a PS3 copy, played it and it was brilliant. I was then compelled to platinum the game...I just couldn't resist!

I look forward to Arkham City with anticipation. I can hardly wait for this sequel!

UltimateIdiot9112716d ago

=/ I was about to say bring Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) but I realize Oracle was in the first one so Batgirl is definitely out unless it's one of the other Batgirl.

You know what, bring Alfred out. He's been in the cave far too long. He should get the best butler award. What can't he do?

snowman21492716d ago

Yeah, I bet its Stephanie Brown as Batgirl

lochdoun2716d ago

It seems to me that Rocksteady isn't very confidant about whether they'll be able to move copies of this game up against so many other great games this fall. So I guess they are revealing all of this info to try and entice buyers.


that's it, media blackout on all things AC for me.

I have already heard enough and know enough. I don't want anymore of it spoiled anymore.

KevBoogie2715d ago

Man I cant wait for this to hit it's going to incredible(at least it better be lol.